Camera boy

Most people knew harry styles as the boy who's really quiet and takes pictures of anything that catches his eyes.

Other people knew him as a big dork who locks himself in his room and never comes out.

He wouldn't talk to anyone, not even his mum. She once thought that he was mute once but he shook his head when she asked him.

Nobody knew why he turned quiet and Nobody dared to ask.

That is until one girl came into the picture.

And who knew that there was so much more behind the story.
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4. 3


chapter 3



i woke  up in a unfamiliar bed, and in a unfamiliar room.

i rolled over under the covers, my eyes rapidly blinking to stay awake. It was dark outside I noticed a clock on the bed side. I picked it up sand in bright light green lights it said its 7:00 A.M .

i sighed and looked at my wrist, it wasn't as bas as it was last night, less bloody. I pulled the covers off of me and stood up.

I took off the shirt and bottoms that Harry gave me, and slipped on my clothes and shoes.

Walking down the stairs, I winced at every creek the staircase made as I tip-toed down each step carefully.

I breathed out with relief as I reached the bottom of the staircase without waking anybody up.

" Leaving so soon Kat?"

I snapped my head at the direction of Anne's voice.

" Sorry I didn't mean to wake you up."

I apologized, but she simply smiled.

" Oh darling you did nothing of the sort. I was just getting ready to leave to work."

I'm so stupid I should've known. I mean she was wearing work clothes.

" Right, well I'll just get going now."

She shook her head and came down.

" No please stay, its a Monday and I usually let Harry stay in, I don't want him to be alone all day. You can stay if you want."

I want to leave, but I know If I go to school at the end of the day I'll have to go back home. And I really don't want t go there right now.

I looked back at Anne and smiled.

" I'll have to call my mum."

She clapped her hands

" Yay, thank you so much Kat, but I got to tell you something about Harry"

I nodded my head telling her to go on.

" Well you see, Harry doesn't really talk much, So if I were you I wouldn't really count on him talking back."

Wait is he like deaf?

" No hun he's not deaf, Its just actually I wish I can tell you what's wrong but he hasn't really spoken to me in the last year."

God did I say that out loud?

" I understand if you want to leave mostly everyone does."

Well if he doesn't talk ill be bored all day. But seeing the look on Anne's face ii feel like I do need to stay. I feel bad for her i mean, What mother could stand not being able to talk to her so in what? 1 year? I sighed and shook my head.

" Its ok Anne I'll stay, I'll just watch Tv with him."

She smiled and hugged me. She's a pretty happy woman if I say.

" Thank you Kat, I have to get going now but if you kids get hungry feel free to eat anything you want."

I nodded my head and followed her to the door. She stopped once we got to it.

" Be safe please don't let him him cook, I'm warning you now."

I laughed and nodded my head. She opened and closed the door.

I turned around and went upstairs and just sat in the room  I slept In, until Harry woke up.

I lay in bed a few hours later- I heard a door slam so I guess he's up. I got up and opened the door to see hi  walking down the stairs.

" Hey" I said a little to loud He snapped his head towards of me.

" umm your mum said I could stay with you today, Is that cool?" I asked playing with the hem of my shirt.

He was hesitant but nodded slowly. I smiled and walked down to where he was.

"Cool so since you barely talk we will just watch a movie"

I stopped in my tracks from what I just said.

" I didn't mean for it to sound that bad, I'm sorry."

He chuckled a little but nodded as saying it was ok. I breathed out of relief, if someone said tat to me I would've sucker  punched them. Good thing Harry isn't me.

A few hours late o watching American Horror Story I turned off the Tv and looked at him.

"  Wanna go to the park or something? I kinda just want to get out."

he thought about it, but nodded. We both got up and he ran upstairs.

I put on my coat and my shoes, and waited for him to come down.

When he did he had something in his hand and had a new shirt on. Green Day maybe.

" ready to go?" I asked getting up from my seat. He nodded and we headed out.

The park wasn't that far away, When he took me hear yesterday I saw it like a block away.

It took a few minutes but we made it and it wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be.

" So want to sit on the swings or Do you want to I don't know, walk around?" He just shrugged his shoulders.

I sighed and looked at the kids playing around.

" Walking it is than come on."

we started walking around and the park was interesting. It had a bunch of birds around and it was pure bliss.

I Heard a camera go off, I looked at the direction it came from and I saw Harry taking a picture... of a tree.

" Did you really just take a picture of a Tree?" I asked laughing a bit.

He nodded and smiled down at his camera. I walked closer to him and looked at the camera.

"Wow not that bad for a kid who doesn't talk you sure take good pictures."

fuck I didn't mean for it to come out like that. I better apologize  to him again.

He started laughing and just kept shaking his head.

I liked his laugh it felt so warm.

" Why don't we go back to your place its getting cold."

He nodded trying to lower his laugh , but I couldn't help a giggle leave my lips.

Maybe today wont be that bad.

hey guys! I hoped you like this chapter sorry it took long things got in the way but yeah thanks for 41 likes and 54 faves :) you guys are the best.

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