Camera boy

Most people knew harry styles as the boy who's really quiet and takes pictures of anything that catches his eyes.

Other people knew him as a big dork who locks himself in his room and never comes out.

He wouldn't talk to anyone, not even his mum. She once thought that he was mute once but he shook his head when she asked him.

Nobody knew why he turned quiet and Nobody dared to ask.

That is until one girl came into the picture.

And who knew that there was so much more behind the story.
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3. 2

chapter 2



"When life has gives you more crap than a goat with diarrhea, you would think that you are ready for anything that could possibly crush you. Or at least that's what the saying is.

Calum said, shrugging his shoulders. We were currently sitting on my living room floor doing homework.

" Where the hell did that come from cal?"

He giggled and just shook his head.

"I have no idea. But you know me Kat, anything that pops in my head I say out loud."

I rolled my eyes "yeah I know, remember when you were thinking about getting your tongue pierced and you accidentally said it out loud to you mum and I?"

He threw his head back laughing "oh my god I was grounded for like 3 weeks. Worst time of my life."

I giggled and continued my homework. "Hey cal, what did you think of that new kid harry?" I've been dying to ask him this. I mean I just wanna know and I don't know why.

"Harry styles? Oh um he seems cool but to quiet for my liking."

Of course, calum only associates with people who are like very very loud. Except me I'm shy sorta quiet. It's weird how were so different and were best friends.

I was about to say something but the doorbell cut me off. " who could that be? It's like 11." I shrugged my shoulders and walked to the front door. I looked through the peep hole and saw my mother standing there with a six pack, and a cigarette in her mouth. I sighed and opened the door.

A cloud of smoke greeted me, while I coughed my mom just smiled. "Goodmorning Katrina" she said strolling in stumbling a bit. " Mum it's night time and your drunk." I said taking her coat off. She kicked off her shoes and entered the kitchen. " no I'm Jenna John. I used to be Jenna Davis but my stupid ex-husband left me because of my drinking and gambling." She said taking another cigarette out of the carton and lit it. " want one?" I shook my head" no thanks I just get it by second hand smoke." She giggled and poked my nose.

I rolled my eyes and went back into the living room to check on calum. I just need him right now. When I walked in I saw him on his phone. He's probably texting one of his one night stands to tell them hes not into them. Wouldn't surprise me if it's true.

He looked up and put his phone away once he saw me. "What's wrong kat?" He asked I sighed and felt tears in the corner of my eyes. " she's drunk again cal." He opened his arms and pulled me into them. I wrapped my arms around his torso and just silently cried. " I'm sorry kat, I wish you didn't have to deal with this. Nobody should it's not normal." He kissed the top of my head and I pulled back. " I think you should go now, I have to go take care of her." He nodded his head and sighed. " yeah I already broke my curfew." He said picking up his things. " Goodnight kat love you." I smiled " love you to cal,night " he kissed my cheek and left through the backyard. That boy makes me worry about him sometimes.

I walked back into the kitchen and when I did I saw my mother standing there holding a knife to her chest. " mum no!" I screamed at her and ran to get the knife. I grabbed it and yanked but she wouldn't let go.

" no please let me do this! I don't belong here!" She cried. I didn't listen to her as I kept yanking the knife. " leave me alone!" She grabbed the knife and cut me. Oh my god.... She just cut me.

She dropped the knife and just stared at my wrist. The tears are coming back, it burns so bad. I ran out as quick as I could just to get away. I don't know where I was running but all I knew was I had to get out of there. Minutes passed and in feeling really light headed with all the blood I'm loosing and the running.

" oof" I fell as I came in contact with something. I looked up and saw Harry. He looked like he just seen a ghost. " I'm sorry I wasn't looking." I said and got up, but quickly fell back down. He bent down and grabbed my arm. He looked at the cut and out of no where he picked me up from the ground. " whoa-what are you doing?" I asked getting scared. He didn't answer, instead he just ran. Another handful of minutes passed by as we finally reached a house. It was beautiful, big and so big.

He ran and opened the front door. The first thing I saw was a lady with a worried expression looking at me. " Harry what's going on?" He shook his head and ran upstairs with me still in his arms. When we got upstairs he closed the bathroom door and grabbed a first aid kit.

It felt like hours since he brought me here. It's so weird I barely know him and he's helping me. " so is this what you do? Bring people who's wrist is bleeding into the bathroom to help them?" I joked trying to make light of this situation. He just looked up at me and shook his head. wow cal was right you are to quiet. He looked at me strangely. Oh my god did I just say that out loud? He sighed and kept doing what he was doing.

"Are you done now?" I asked as I was beginning to grow tired. He nodded his head and packed everything back where it was. He gave me the one minute finger so I just nodded and waited. " oh um hello I'm Anne Harry's mum. You can stay here tonight if you want. Since I see your in bad shape." I didn't know what to say. I mean I barely know these people. But they are offering me to stay here tonight and it's better than going back home." Yeah umm sure thank you." She smiled and lead me to the guest room. " goodnight umm I didn't get your name." I smiled " my name is Katrina but you can call me Kat." She smiled and walked out. I heard the door open so I looked back. It was Harry. " oh it's you, I hope it's cool that I'm staying here for tonight." He nodded his head and just looked down at his shoes. " I also wanted to thank you for helping me out. Most people would have ignored me but you didn't. So thank you it means a lot." He just nodded again. Really? Is he gonna talk or not? " aren't you gonna say your welcome?" I asked he just looked back up at me Like he was searching for something. He opened his mouth but quickly snapped it and just walked out. I sighed this guy is never gonna talk is he? Oh well. I climbed in bed and cuddled against the warm sheets. And just like that,I fell into deep slumber.

So how was it?! Sorry it took forever for the update. For some reason movellas wouldn't save anything but it is now so yay! And it's really late here and I'm tired. Let's get this up to 40 likes and than I'll post the next chapter thanks guys!

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