Having a famous brother is difficult. My Name is Sarah. Sarah Espinosa.

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1. I Hate Suprises.


I walk to the front, prepared to give my speech. The audience applauds as I take my place. "I just want to thank everyone here, that helped me get to where I am today. To be here, part of the graduating class of 2013. My teachers once told me, to have faith and to do what I believe in. I'm so honored to be able to speak to you tonight. I hope that all of us graduates will change the world someday. And we now can. Thank you." I wave as I walk over and take my seat. "Sarah Espinosa. Valedictorian, Class of 2013." The announcer speaks over the intercom.

"Wow. Hard to believe that I graduated almost 2 years ago. That's crazy." Destiny nods her head as she texts on her phone. "It's also hard to believe that your brother and his friends are still famous." She giggles. She is one of my only friends. She treats my brother and his friends like family. She isn't about the fame. "I know. I think I'm gonna FaceTime him right now and see what he's doing." He answers on the second ring. "Hey big bro!" I sing into my phone and face it towards destiny too. "Hey lil sis! I have a surprise for you!!" He excitedly sits up from his floor. "Yeahhhhhh?" I'm nervous. I hate surprises. "I thought maybe since your birthday is next week, I would surprise you with plane tickets to come see me!" He smiles widely. I haven't seen him in roughly 4 years. He couldn't make it to my graduation because he was on tour in New York. "Of course! I would love too!" I smile. "Destiny is also invited." She smirks. She looks up from Instagram and gives him the most funny face she can give. "Why thank you." We all chorus into a bunch of chuckles and giggles. "I miss you. It sucks you moved to Georgia with Jennifer." He states. He never really liked Aunt Jennifer.(a.n.: made up person. Lol) The distance hasn't been fun for either of us. I miss him all the time. "I'm sorry. I just needed space." I laugh. "Well your flight leaves at lunch tomarrow so be ready!" He smiles and disconnects. I jump up and run upstairs. "Why are you in such a hurry?" Destiny walks up. "I can finally tell him I'm moving out there. I was gonna tell him next week but I can tell him tomarrow. I have the apartment payed for and the keys just need picked up. I'm so excited!" I grab my 3 suitcases. "I'm gonna miss you. You know that right?" Destiny flops down on my bed. "I'm gonna miss you. And boy am I glad I enrolled in California State instead of UGA." I joke. She isn't happy about me moving away but it's what I want. "Yeah. Haha." She sighs. "You better get to packing too! You don't wanna miss the flight!" I pull her up from my bed. "True." She smiles and walks to her room.

--So guys. I'm writing this new fanfiction. I am currently in the process of writing 2 now. By the end of September, the one with the most reads will be the one I update most. I'm really sorry about not updating often anymore, Sophmore year is already kicking my Butt. Lol. I'll try to update more!

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