The Shadownight Family: Topic's Wedding

As i aged those years i opened my eyes,
"Topic, will you marry me?" Alex stammered
"Of course!" i whispered and crashed my lips onto his. I was engaged. Soon to be Topic Dawn, I was overjoyed.
"For ever bound in love and peace we will be, living in harmony"


2. Forbidden

I traced the ring around my finger as I lay in bed that night. No one knew yet, Only Alex and I. I looked down the side of my bed to see his wings spread out around his body, A smile on his lips. Im so happy I aged those years now, Otherwise it wouldn't have worked. It would have been an age gap too large for anything to happen, 4 years. But now its only 2. I'm 15, he's 17. It works now. I need to tell someone, and soon otherwise people will start to wonder about the glinting ring that plays on my finger. The special smile I have on my lips, No more scowling at tiny things, No more throwing knives at people just because I want to hear them scream. Just because I want a fight. Not anymore. I stared up at the ceiling. The milky way staring down at me. I had painted that with my sister, Bex, before she had become more spellbound than ever with Damon, her very annoying vampire boyfriend. Memories....




I woke up the next morning to shouting, screaming and clattering. There was a fight in the kitchen. Slipping out of bed my feet making their way into my slippers. I trundled on down the stairs, still wiping the sleep out of my eyes to see Alex in the kitchen having what looked like a fighting match with my brother, Secrets. Great.

"STOP!" I shrieked making them both turn around and look at me. Secrets with a knife in his hand, Alex with a coulinder.

"Tops.." Alex Said making his way closer to me, His wings fanning out behind him. Not a feather out of place

"Not another step, kiddo." Secrets hissed through gritted teeth. His fur standing up on end. His ears pricked and his sharp teeth on view. My brother the half man half wolf. A marine. A killer.

I stood there in awe. Alex must have plucked up the guts to tell him, But it was to early for him to know. He was there, In fighting pose. Sizing up Alex as if to see if he could fit in the oven. 

"I am not letting you marry my sister and by god i'm not being your best man" Secrets said harshly. His words like daggers. His eyes piercing yellow. Fighting against Alex's sea like blue.


"I forbid it"

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