You are my getaway...

Aria is fifteen years old. She is a single child with parents who are always arguing and don't seem to ever be there for her. She barely talks to anyone because barely anyone likes her. All she has is her best friend Ella and her boyfriend Dane. But life for Aria is about to change.


3. Over and over again.

"So...we still on for today?" I asked him.

"Of course we are" He said, smiling at me. I blushed and I wasn't even sure why.

"I guess I will see you later then" I said.

"You will indeed" He said before leaving me alone. I continued to read until the bell went or I finished the book.


I felt so stupid and used. I was hoping this would work out but It can't. It just won't...and I have tried my hardest to make it work but it just isn't meant to be...unfortunately. I felt stupid for even bothering...but I felt even more stupid for thinking it was possible. You are probably confused as to what I am going on about...I don't even want to think about it...and perhaps you already guessed because it has happened so much more than what it should of. It was Dane. I waited for over ten minutes before facing the fact that he wasn't coming and that he never intended on coming. I didn't want to go home yet so I walked around outside for a while, listening to music and thinking. Thinking about him. I didn't know what to feel...anger? Sadness? Should I feel used? Betrayed? No. I couldn't be mad at him...maybe something really important came up? No...he would of called me or text me to let me know if he cared. Maybe his phone died? No...I don't know. I sat down on an old bench. It was old and ruined. I closed my eyes for a moment and breathed slowly. I had to do what Ella said. I had to stop myself from feeling this way...maybe it wouldn't be as bad as I thought.

I was in a deep thought when my phone started ringing. It was my mum.

"Where are you Aria?" My mum asked.

"I'm beside the lake" I said.

"Come home please, we need to talk" She said.

"Okay..." I said before ending the call and standing up.

The lake wasn't that long from home. Just a few minutes. I always went there to just be a little bit free...especially when I was a child and I couldn't handle my parents yelling at each other.

When I got home I seen my parents sitting silently on the couch...this was a change. It was a normal thing for most people but seeing my parents not screaming at the top of their lungs was almost weird for me.

"You needed to talk to me?" I said.

"Sit down" My mum I did.

"Before we say this we want to say that we do love you" My mum said.

"I love you too" I said. It's true. No matter how annoying and loud they were, I still loved them. They still took care of me and raised me. They are still my parents.

"Well...obviously you know how much me and your father aren't getting along at all" My mum said.

"Yes...." I said, getting nervous.

"Well...we both decided that we want to make it work so we need some time off work and you will go to your Aunt Louise's" My dad said.

"Oh...okay" I said. I yet again, didn't know what to think.

"Is that okay?" My mum asked.

"I guess long is it for? Also...what about school?" I asked.

" is for a week or maybe a week and a half...either one. You're cousin Calum can drive now so he will take you. It will be a long drive but Louise asked him about it and he is fine with it" My dad said.

"Okay, when am I going?" I asked.

"Tomorrow. Calum will pick you up from school" My dad answered.

"Okay...I'll go pack then" I said. I was about to stand up when my mum started to cry softly.

"I feel like such a bad mother...I know I haven't been there for you much Aria but I promise things will change" She said. I felt sort of sorry for her...It isn't like she enjoys fighting with my dad constantly.

"You aren't a bad mum...I love you. Both of you" I said.

"We love you too" My dad said.

Off I went to pack.

Once I packed everything I called Ella.

"So...did he show?" She asked.

My eyes started to water.

"No..." I said.

"I'm really sorry have to fix this...he isn't going to change Aria...and you will keep on getting used and hurt...the longer you leave it the worse it will hurt" Ella said. She was right.

"I love him" I said.

"I know you do but...he clearly doesn't feel the same about you have to sort it. He has had way more chances than he deserves and you have had to deal with his shit which you don't deserve. You deserve better" She said. I knew she was right...but It would hurt to get over him...wouldn't it hurt for him to get over me?

"I have to go" I said.

"Text me or something" Ella said.

"Sure" I said.

I called Dane.

"Hello?" He answered.

"Oh so you are alive" I said. I didn't want to sound hurt and weak. I wanted to sound angry and pissed.

"I know...I did it again...something came up" He said.

"Bullshit. You are full of bullshit. What am I to you? A toy? A game? No! I'm not going to let you continue to do this to me. You are not worth it" I said.

"Aria just calm down" He said.

"Calm down? No! How would you feel Dane?! I have given you chance after chance and if you cared that much, you would have made the effort to see me...but instead you don't and it's just a circle of nothing but hurt and bullshit!" I said.

"I'm sorry" He said.

"Whatever" I said.

"I love you" He said.

"Oh comes more of the bullshit!" I said in sarcasm. But I meant it.

"Can you forgive me?" He asked.

"Asking me to forgive you is like asking you to make an effort" I said.

"You are acting like a bitch" He said. That hurt. I still loved him and he was calling me a bitch.

"I'm not acting at all" I said.

"Can we just sort this out?" He asked.

"I don't think you get it" I said "Every time I give you another chance, you come back asking for another...and I said that chance was your last...and I meant it" I said.

"So what...we are done?" He asked.

"You finally get it" I said.

"What? Just like that?" He asked.

"Just like that Dane" I said.

"You are going to regret this" He said.

"The only thing I regret right now is meeting you" I said before hanging up. I couldn't do it anymore. I felt almost relieved but...sad. I missed him already. I hope this feeling doesn't last long.



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