You are my getaway...

Aria is fifteen years old. She is a single child with parents who are always arguing and don't seem to ever be there for her. She barely talks to anyone because barely anyone likes her. All she has is her best friend Ella and her boyfriend Dane. But life for Aria is about to change.


2. I don't care if he hurts me

I woke up to the exact same thing I fell asleep to. Shouting. I made my bed and got ready for school. Why can't it be Friday? Then I remembered that I was meeting Dane after school and that made me feel a little bit happier. 

" Aria come here!" My dad shouted.

I did as I was told.

"yes?" I asked.

"tell your mother where I went last week on Wednesday. She doesn't believe me" He said

"you were at Dave's house" I said. Dave's was my dads friend. I didn't even know for sure where my dad was on Wednesday last week. 

I left for school, not wanting to hear them yelling at eachother.


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