You are my getaway...

Aria is fifteen years old. She is a single child with parents who are always arguing and don't seem to ever be there for her. She barely talks to anyone because barely anyone likes her. All she has is her best friend Ella and her boyfriend Dane. But life for Aria is about to change.


1. Don't make promises you can't keep.

I woke up to my parents yelling at each other. "I am fed up of you coming home late at night, Brian!" My mum shouted. "You can't force me to not see my friends just because you don't like them!" My dad shouted back. This was just a normal morning for me. I got out of my bed and started to get ready for school, trying to avoid my moody parents. As soon as I was ready I left. It was Monday...probably the worst day of a school week. I met my closest friend Ella when I got to school and we just spoke. Like we did every morning. "I am going out for lunch with Ashton today" Ella said. Ashton was Ella's boyfriend. They have been dating for seven months now and they are so adorable together. I don't think they will ever break up. "I will go with Dane then I guess" I replied. "Did you revise for the math test?" She asked me. I was confused. "Math test? What math test?" I asked. "Mrs Wilson said we had an end of unit test today...good luck with that" She said. "I am guessing you revised?" I said. She nodded. "Yeah but I didn't do a great job at it. I barely remember a thing!" She said. We both laughed as the bell went. Off to do the math test. In math I sit beside some asshole, James. He is one of those people who think they are everything that they aren't. He thinks all the girls like him and that he is better than everyone else. But he really isn't and I can't understand why Dane likes him at all. As soon as the test paper was handed out I was lost. I didn't even remember doing most of the stuff in class...I was stuck the moment I read it. Despite the fact I had no clue what to write, I tried my best and then prayed for the bell to ring. At break I met Dane. "Can you meet me at lunch? Ella is going out with Ashton and I don't wanna be a third wheel so..." I said. He smiled and nodded. "Sure, where will we go?" He asked. "Hmm...subway?" I asked. "Good choice, see you at lunch" He said before walking off to his friends. Me and Dane have dated for two months now. He is my first boyfriend and I really like him. After break I went to my double period of English. We started reading a book about a guy who got stranded on some isn't a true story. I don't like any of the books we read in school, they are all really boring in my opinion but oh well.


"It is the second time he has done this now, I hate it" I said over the phone to Ella. I felt bad for ruining her lunch with Ashton but I was sad and I couldn't help it. Dane had left me. For the second time. I forgave him the last time and he promised not to do it again. I had called him but he never picked up. I text him but he never replied. I had waited for him to show up for fifteen minutes. He wouldn't be that late. "I will text you or something" I said. I didn't want her to stay on the phone with me. "Okay...are you sure you are okay? You can come meet me and Ash?" She asked me. "No it's fine" I said, hanging up. I went to the girls bathroom and hid in a cubicle so I could cry a bit. Don't think I am stupid and over reacting. I like Dane a lot. He was like my second best friend. 

Then I went to the canteen for lunch. I wasn't in the mood for going out...especially not alone. 

After school I went straight home. My parents were not home. I went to my bedroom and put my stuff away. Then I tried to phone Dane. I couldn't stop thinking about him. No answer. Still no reply to my messages. So I tried to take my mind of it by doing homework and listening to music. Music always helped me. It was like medicine to cure my feelings. That sounds weird but it is the truth. So after an hour or so of that I went to make myself some food. I made myself chicken noodles. After eating them I cleaned up the house since my parents always left it for me to clean. Then I took a shower and went on my phone. Just as I was starting to forget about Dane...he called me.


"Hey...I am really sorry. My phone ran out of battery" he said 

"you still could of met me for lunch" I said.

"yeah I know. I feel really bad Aria...can I make it up to you?" He asked.

"how?" I asked.

"I will meet you after school tomorrow and we can do something...anything? Please...I really like you and I know I am being a douche but please give me another chance? I won't let you down. Promise" he said.

I couldn't help but smile to myself.

"okay" I said

"I love you" he said, making me smile more.

"I love you too" I replied. Then we ended the call and my parents got home. So I went to sleep.



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