You are my getaway...

Aria is fifteen years old. She is a single child with parents who are always arguing and don't seem to ever be there for her. She barely talks to anyone because barely anyone likes her. All she has is her best friend Ella and her boyfriend Dane. But life for Aria is about to change.


4. Aunt Louise

School has been tough so far. Seeing Dane in the halls has been killing me...I do still love him and no matter how many times he hurts me...I still will love him. I will never be able to stop.

I try to avoid him and I try not to look at him but it is one of the hardest things I can do.


i went to my locker and took out my bags for staying at my aunts. I didn't know how I was suppost to feel about it. Happy? Sad? Angry? Worried? I was just confused. About my parents and Dane. 

I waited in the car park for almost fifteen minutes before Calum finally arrived. I hadn't seen him in almost three years. He looked different. He had tattoos and some blonde in his hair. He got out his car and smiled at me, making me feel a little bit better.

"Hey" he said, opening his arms for a hug.

I accepted his offer and hugged him for the first time in years.

"I'll take those" he said, walking towards my bags to put them in the back. 

"You can just go in the car" he said. I opened the car door and got inside. He was listening to the radio. 

After a minute he got in the car and started driving.

"My mum told me about your parents" he said, referring to my aunt Louise.

"Yeah..." I said? I mean what else could I say?

"They will work things out...they just need some time to sort things out" he said

"I hope so...I am so fed up of the shouting. They barely notice I am there" I said.

"don't worry about it" he said.

it was hard not to.

it took a while before we got home. Calum took my bags up to the guest room. My room for thenext few days. Then he left to go out with his friends. 

"Come here" Louise said, giving me a hug. I guess she thought I needed one.

"everything is going to be alright" she said.

That is something I find hard to believe.

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