Perfect two

Her innocence... Makes me want her
Her beauty... Makes me protect her
My life? My life was nothing before she showed up. She's my love story


1. intro

People say that death is horrible and it will be painful... But it's not. It's peaceful and serene.

The bright headlights burned into my eyes and the trucks horn was going off and in a split second my car is tumbling down the hill as shards of glass fly into my face. Everything in slow motion as my hands fly trying to stop from jerking around. Seconds after the car started rolling it stopped. I laid there with a headache, heart pounding in my chest, dizzy, and my eyes becoming heavier and heavier with each minute that passed.

I was about to pulled into the darkness when I heard sirens in the background. They got closer and closer, but the closer they got, the closer I was from passing out. But I refused to let go without a fight. I forced my eyes open but it soon became to much and I let my eyes close and soon my heart slowed, my breathing shallow, and my brain telling me to let go.

I opened my eyes to a room. Well, I wouldn't consider it a room since I couldn't tell where the walls were and it was white. There wasn't furniture or windows, or walls. Just me. Sitting up from the floor. Is this what death is? Am I dead?

I never new this is what it would be like when I'm dead.. It was quite and peaceful but yet, I was already lonely. "Hello?" I called but like I was expecting I got no answer. I huffed and stood to my feet. I started walking but I couldn't find anything. I walked and walked for what felt like hours but still coming up with nothing. I groaned feeling hopeless and alone. "Hello?" I desperately called again but receiving no answer except my faint echo. I sat down I curled up into a ball and I leaned my head on my knees letting the tear freely fall down my cheeks.

"London!" I heard a faint voice I jerked my head up "hello??" I called "London!" I heard it again I bolted to my feet turning in circles "who's there?" I yelled "London!" I heard "louis.." I whispered and then started running "louis!!" I screamed "where are you?!" I yelled "London May cooper. Don't you die on me!" He yelled

I ran towards where I thought his voice was "louis! I won't leave you!!" The. I just stopped abruptly I looked down squeezing my eyes closed "wake up!" I whispered "wake up Londo" I said I pinched my arm but nothing happened "come on baby.. Wake up for me." I heard louis cry "I'm trying but I can't!" I screamed "louis wake me up!!!" I screamed again "wake up!!!" I chanted over and over again I was getting so mad "WAKE UP!!!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my voice and all the sudden I fell to the ground with a loud thump and I passed out.

I don't know how long I was out but when I finally woke up I was in a white room, except this time I was in a bed. On my right there was a big window with flowers in them and a chair in front if it. In front of me was a tv and then there was louis in my left. He had his head down on the mattress and I could hear his small snores. "Louis.." I whispered shaking his shoulder "louis wake up." I urged "5 more minutes mum.." He groaned pushing my hand away "it's not your mum Lou..." I giggled and his head shot up "london??He yelled

His eyes were blood shot, dark circles under his eyes and dried tears in his pale cheeks. He looked like shit, like all he's done is sit and watch me, don't eat, sleep, drink, or go to the bathroom. His arms gently wrapped around my waist and I smiled wrapping my arms around him too. "I'm so glad you woke up." He whispered I nodded "me too lou.."

A doctor came in and we just talked on how I was feeling, blah blah blah... Then he prescribed me medicine and then I was free to go.

A/N hey guys!! So I decided on making this new movella called perfect two.. This was just a beginning chapter. I know it's short and not very good... But it's only the beginning so it will get better and hopefully y'all will love it.

I'm going to be doing a Q and A soon because a lot of people ask about me and my stories so if you have any questions or comments then feel free to ask and I will answer. I have some social media accounts that you can go to. You can ask me on those too.

Twitter: @4V3R_1D

Kik: goingstrong4_1D

Snapchat: adri.211

IG: NJ_Horan1

Okay!! Well those are my social media accounts.. Haha y'all can ask me anything on any of these. I will post updates on my movellas on my accounts, updates on one direction and then just random things.. So I hope you guys will go and follow me.. Love y'all!!!


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