Perfect two

Her innocence... Makes me want her
Her beauty... Makes me protect her
My life? My life was nothing before she showed up. She's my love story


10. 9

Harry's pov

We am sat on the couch just listening to music and on our phones... Well I was on my phone and she's on the laptop I bought her. I took this opportunity to just stare at her.

Her curly blonde hair reached down to her bum, she was pale but she seemed so perfect on her. She had big green eyes that sparkled and she was so fascinated by everything. She always seems to be happy and smiling. She was funny and way sarcastic. Her smile was just dazzling, perfect white straight teeth and plump pink heart shaped lips. She was short only going up to my shoulders, she had the perfect shape and she was perfect in every single way.

She looked up at me and smiled "what?" She asked "your just really pretty." I admired she blushed and looked back at her computer screen "thanks.." She whispered with a small smile tugging at her lips "how's your leg?" I asked "I can finally walk normal.." She shrugged "how's your head?" She wondered "it's completely healed and the doctor took the stitches out." I told her

"Good." She smiled I nodded and looked at her "what was louis talking about at the mall?" I asked and she looked up "what are you-" "don't play dumb London.." I sighed "I saw you standing behind the corner.. You were listening." I said "tell me.." I whispered she sighed and closed her laptop setting it on our coffee table "fine. I'll tell you but you can't tell anyone or else I'll murder you." She threatened I nodded turning to her, listening intently to what she was saying......

London's POV


"Mommy?" I asked opening my bedroom door to see my mom holding a bag and dragging a suitcase behind her "shit..." She cursed turning around "London, it's 3 am, you should be in bed." She told me "I needed water." I explained she sighed hanging her head low "just go back to bed London." She said "where are you going?" I asked following her down the stairs "I'm going on a trip." She said turning towards me "can I come?" I asked she kneeled down to my level "no.. London. Mommy has to leave for awhile." She said "why though? Don't you love me?" I asked crying "of course! Mommy loves you very much!" She explained "then why are you leaving me?" I cried "London. Daddy isn't very nice to mommy, so I have to leave so he can't hurt me." She said "mom you-" "goodbye London... I love you." She whispered walking out the door closing it behind her "mom..." I whispered


"She left me... I was only 7." I explained "I sat in my room waiting.. Waiting for my mom to come back for me, but she never did." I sighed "after a couple years I gave up.. I decided that I couldn't trust anyone to stay by my side."


"London!" Michelle screamed running towards me. My eyes widened and I turn and ran "you little jerk!! You ruined my doll!" She screamed at me I ran and ran until I tripped and fell against the grass. Michelle ran over and jumped on me kicking and screaming "I can't believe you ruined it!" She yelled "I didn't mean too!" I cried "it was an accident, I said sorry!" I yelled as she hit me leaving scratches, blood, and bruises all over my body


"My sister taught me not to trust family." I whispered


"Daddy I'm sorry! I'll clean the stove better next time!" I screamed as he flipped the stove on letting it heat up and he hit me "dad..." I whimpered finally when the stove was hot on went my hand.

My hand literally burned to a crisp, finally when he let my hand up it was cover in blisters and blood. I ran out of the house screaming and crying I banged on my neighbors door and she rushed my to the hospital.


"See?" I showed harry my hand letting him see how I still had fading scars on it "it looks painful" he stated "it was, probably the worst thing in he world." I said "other than one other thing.." I said "my virginity." I stated "one day my dad was mad and he beat me so bad my body was covered in blood, scratches, bruises, my vision was blurry, my head hurt and I broke my arm. Then he dragged me to his room by the hair and raped me." I said "my dad lost all my trust along with every other human being."

"Everytime someone gets mad, I get scared. I hide my fear with sarcasm. It's horrible." I said "I think your perfect." Harry smiled "your stronger that you ever were." He said

I let out a sarcastic laugh "please.. I'm probably weaker now." I stated and he frowned "why do you think that?" He asked "harry.. Every thing that's ever happened to me has left me beaten and broken inside and out. I have physical wounds and scars and I have mental wounds and scars." I said "I have nightmares very single night and I can't turn any corner without getting scared." I said "harry, I cut. I have cuts on my thighs." I said letting the tears drip down my pale cheeks

"What?" He asked "you can't- that's- London!" He said and I dropped my head and stood up "I think I'm gonna go to bed now..." I said running up the stairs and to my room. I quickly put on booty shorts, and a tank top and pulled my hair into a messy bun then jumped into my bed and instantly fell asleep


"You really shouldn't have told that boy..." I heard a voice growl "what?" I asked "what are you tal-" "don't play dumb bitch! You know exactly what I mean!" He yelled "you told that boy what I used to do to you." He growled "how I used to beat you and how you were my sex slave." He said "dad?" I asked "you really are stupid... Of course it's me who else?" He asked "but now that he knows... I have to kill you." He growled and all the sudden he pops out and starts running after me

I turned and ran.. I ran so fast that I thought if die. I hid in some bushes and I heard growling "I'll find you London!!" He yelled and then his footsteps disappeared and I sighed "I told you I'd find you." He whispered

I turned and he smiled shoving a knife I to my body

*dream ended*

I sat up screaming I screamed so hard that my lungs hurt

Harry's POV

After thinking about what London told me I layed on the couch and just stared at the ceiling I looked at the clock.. Already 11? Wow... "Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!" I heard London screaming I bolted to my feet and up the stairs

I burst into her room and ran to her wrapping my arms around her "London!" I said "London.. It's okay baby.. Your okay, your safe." I cooed soon she calmed down and held onto me for dear life and she cried her heart out "shh, it's okay." I whispered "can you lay by me?" She asked hiccuping "of course..." I whispered sliding in

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