Perfect two

Her innocence... Makes me want her
Her beauty... Makes me protect her
My life? My life was nothing before she showed up. She's my love story


9. 8

"Woah! What the hell did they do in here?!" Zayn asked as I heard a door close "awh.. They had fun without us.." Liam said "they had pizza?!" Niall whined "they are so cute.." Lou said "why can't we be that cute?!" El asked "you guys are to busy always sucking each other's faces off to be cute.." Liam said disgusted "shut up before you wake them." Zayn hissed "chill out man.. It's already 1, there gonna have to get up sooner or later." Niall said "ooh let's wake them!" Niall smiled "wait!" El squealed "I'm gonna take a picture first!" She said and then I heard a click and a flash went off

"This is definitely going on instagram." El said the. I heard shuffling and I heard laughing. All the sudden water is being dumped on both harry and I. I shoot up to a sitting position and I scream along with harry who was now standing glaring at the boys "what the hell is wrong with you?" He yelled I wrapped my arms around myself "damn.. That shit is cold!" I said standing up

"I'm going to shower." I mumbled and right as I was about to walk by Lou I wrapped my arms around him and he yelled "damn! That is cold!" And he gently pushed me off and I giggled "okay.. Now I'm going." Then I ran up the stairs

I got to my bathroom and undressed myself. I hopped in the shower and let the hot water cascade down my body reddening my pale skin. Once I was completely warmed up, I washed my hair with strawberry shampoo and conditioner and washed my body with vanilla soap. I shaved all that needed to be shaved and then I jumped out and quickly wrapped a big white fluffy towel around my small frame.

I walked to my room and pulled out some black lace underwear and a bra. I pulled them over my damp body and then walked to my vanity. I pulled my wet hair carelessly init a loose bun and then continued to grab a bottle of vanilla lotion and rub it on my arms and legs.

Then I went to my dresser and pulled out my black shorts and slipped them onto my body, then I walked to my closet and pulled a Rolling Stones t-shirt over my hair, Then I pulled on black combat boots. I went back to my vanity and did my makeup.

I blended some foundation into my skin then I put on a creme colored eyeshadow with winged eyeliner and a coat of mascara and last but not least, nude lipgloss. I then let my hair down and dried it and straightened it. Once it was pin straight I pulled it to the back if my head in a messy pony tail. I let some small baby hair go loose and then I smiled at my complexion and walked downstairs.

I limped down the stairs and into the kitchen to find harry cooking pancakes, louis and Eleanor cooking bacon, Liam making coffe, zayn making eggs, and niall putting orange juice, milk and all the plates, cups and forks on the table. I walked over to harry and dipped my finger into the batter. I licked it off and harry rolled his eyes slapping my hand "no touchy!" He said and I giggled "sorry dad.." I laughed and looked at me and laughed along with me.

"Can I help you?" I asked he nodded and moved over I stood right next to him so our arms were touching. I sighed as I felt electricity run through my arm where we were touching "okay. Can you flip the pancakes?" He asked "I would if I could.." I said "but I can pour the batter?" I suggested "here I'll show you how to flip them." He said and I smiled and nodded

He put the batter of the pan and we waited while it cooked "okay.. Try it on your own." He said and I huffed "okay..." I said dragging out the word I stuck the spatula under the pancake and attempted to flip it... But it only folded in half... Not even on the pan either. Harry laughed "don't laugh.." I whined feeling the heat rising to my cheeks "here.. I'll help you this time." He said pouring more batter in the pan.

As we waited for that one to cook we playfully shoved each other and we laughed and told stupid jokes "it's done!" I squealed "okay help me flip it." I demanded harry

He stood right behind my and wrapped his right arm around me and put his big hand around mine which was holding the spatula. I heard a faint click but didn't really think about it.. I was concentrated on harry touching me leaving electricity running through my body.

"So slide the spatula under the pancake.. Like this." He explained "then lift it." Again helping me "then you flip." He whispered in my ear sending shivers down my back and then another click went off... Still not paying any attention to it, I dropped the pancake onto the pan and it landed correctly "I did it!" I squealed and the. Another click was heard but this time a flash went off and both my head and Harry's snapped to the right and we saw Eleanor, and the boys staring at us smiling.

"What?" I snapped "nothing.." They said and turned back and continued cooking I rolled my eyes and we finish cooking the pancakes.. Me pouring batter and harry flipping them. Soon all the food was on the table and we were sitting down all eating and laughing and talking. "So guess what?" El smiled "what?" Niall asked "so instead of a month off... I'm getting a whole 6 months off!" She squealed I smiled "really?" I asked and she nodded "that's so cool!" I smiled then we all went back to eating "I need a job.." I mumbled "I have no money for anything.." I laughed "I've got plenty of money babe.. No need for you to get a job." Harry says "no.. I mean I can't let you pay for everything" I told him "babe.. Calm down I got this." He laughed from across the table

"Fine... But I still need money for clothes." I said "here.." He said handing me a wad of cash "your joking right?" I asked shoving it back at him but he pushed it back and it went on and on me saying that he was crazy and him telling me to take it then me saying how he paid for the apartment and blah blah blah "shut up!!" Louis yelled grabbing the cash and shoving it into my hands "god... You guys are so annoying!" He yelled and I just giggled "well y'all clean the kitchen while el and I go clean the front room." I said as el and I stood up

I picked up all the blankets and folded them while El picked up the pillows setting them neatly on the couch/chairs. Then it picked up all the soda cans and candy wrappers and put them in a trash bag, then El vacuumed the floor. I walked into the kitchen to see the kitchen table cleaned along with the dishes off the counter. Harry was washing the dishes, zayn putting away clean dishes, Liam wiping the counters, niall sweeping and louis coming right behind him with a mop. I giggled at how feminine they all looked and I heard a snap and then a flash went off and their heads snapped up to see Eleanor with her iPhone in hand.

I giggled at Louis who started to chase her, I looked to see Harry wiping his hands off and I smiled at him. "Oh my god! London help me!" She screamed running behind me almost knocking come down "stop.." I said giggling "we are going shopping.." Lou bribed and el jumped out from behind me "I'll be in the car!!" She squealed running past Louis who slipped the phone out of her pocket "shit.. She put a lock on her phone!" I groaned "ugh!!" He said handing it to Niall

"Come on... I guess we are gonna go shopping." Louis said and I sat on the floor "hell nah!" I said folding my arms "you can't make me." I grumbled "yes.." Louis laughed "I can." He said as him and Harry picked me up by the arms "you bastards out me down right now!" I screamed they laughed at my failed attempt at kicking them.

I finally gave up and let them drag me out of the house "no fair.. You are boxers. You are strong and my kicking you has no affect." I grumbled Liam Niall and zayn got in the back of Louis Lamborghini so Harry and Lou took me to Harry's black range rover and put me in locking the doors. They talked for a second before Louis went to his car and Harry walked around getting in

"I hate you.." I grumbled making Harry chuckle "please... You love me." He smiled but the truth was... I think I really did.

He's got his hooks so deep inside of me that I can't get them out. His curly brown hair, deep blazing green eyes, his warm skin when every time he touches me, there's a spark of electricity running through my body. "London!" I jumped and looked to my right to see Harry holding the door out for me "oh.." I blushed getting out

He intertwined our hands and leaned down to my ear "wanna know something?" He asked and I nodded "I really like you London." He said and I stopped and looked up and him "what?" I asked "I really do. I love you London.. Your so-" "stop!" I demanded feeling the tears well up in my eyes "no.. You don't. Your lying. Harry...." I said looking down

He has to be lying, nobody has ever loved me except Louis and Eleanor. But you love him London.. No! You can't do this, he's lying and you can't fall without somebody catching you. Walk away. Just walk away "just leave me alone." I demanded and ran off bumping into Louis "London? What-" I pushed past him and ran off stopping behind a corner listening to him talk to Harry "what happened?" Lou asked "I told her my feelings for her and she started crying and ran away." He explained "harry.." Louis sighed "you can't just- hmmm" he sighed again "she's been hurt so many times by so many people and she has a hard time trusting people. You can't let her fall without catching her. You have to gain her trust, stay by her side. Be there for her." Louis said and I looked around the corner to see Harry looking down "I'll do anything but she's probably in tears and hates me." He sighed I looked down and walked to the tattoo parlor

Harry's pov

"Wanna know something?" I asked leaning into her ear smelling vanilla waft I to my nose she nodded and I told her what I needed when she burst into tears her blue eyes became full and her cheeks became slightly pink. She ran away running into Louis and then kept going. Ugh I'm a bastard "what happened?" Louis asked and I sighed looking down.. Here we go.

London pov

I smiled slightly at the tattoo the lady gave me "do you also do piercings?" I asked "yes, would you like one?" She asked I nodded "where?" She asked "I want two. One in my nose and another on top of my ear." I told her she nodded "a ring or stud?" She asked "a stud in both." I confirmed and she got started

Soon the studs were in and I was smiling at my reflection in the mirror "thanks!" I smiled handing her the money and walking out running into Harry "sorry.." I mumbled "I'm sorry." He said I smiled "it's okay I over reacted." I said "I like your piercings." He complimented "thank you." I smiled "where do you wanna go next?" He asked "I need clothes." I said

"Can I hold your hand?" He asked I didn't answer, instead I slipped my small hand into his and we walked to the nearest store

We looked around for some skinny jeans soon I found a lot I liked: black leather, gray, white, and 4 black; then I went and we looked for some shirts: #adorbs, fuck you, black crop top, a black shirt with a bloody heart, a black shirt with the word love, and a couple others

Then I went to the shoes: black combats, DM, black vans. I even got some more makeup and perfume and Harry paid for me after 10 minutes of arguing "thank you." I told Harry as we dropped my bags off in his car and walked back in.

"Now, let's go shopping for you." I insisted. we got him some black skinny jeans.. Like a lot! Then we got some bandannas for him along with some shoes. "Can we go home now?" I asked and he nodded we walked out and off we went...

A/N hey guys!! Finally updating!!!! I'm hoping y'all are liking this so far.. Y'all should leave comments so I know that you actually like it!

I love y'all!!!

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