Perfect two

Her innocence... Makes me want her
Her beauty... Makes me protect her
My life? My life was nothing before she showed up. She's my love story


8. 7

"Harry!!" I whined and he poured water down my back I leaned against the counter and forced myself to cry "oh my gosh... London, I didn't mean to make you cry! I'm so sorry I won't ever do it again!" He said wrapping me in a hug

I slowly and carefully reached behind me and grabbed flour still 'crying' I lifted my arm above his head and released the flour. He tensed up and slowly backed up looking shocked. He looked angry but his face softened when he looked at me. "You. Are. A. Bitch!" He growled and I giggled walking towards him "I'm sorry.." I pouted wrapping my arms around his torso.

He chuckled and wrapped his arms around me also..

"Thank you so much for buying this place and letting me move in." I said he pulled back "no problem.. I mean, it's cool to have this place for ourselves cause the boys are out of control!" He said I laughed "true.." I smiled

I looked at the clock and noticed it was already midnight. I yawned and looked up at Harry who was staring at me "tired?" He asked and I nodded "yes." I said he lifted me into his arms bridal style and started walking up the stairs "what are you doing?" I giggled "I don't want you to walk on your leg so I'm carrying you." He smiled and I nodded resting my head on his shoulder

He set me softly on my bed and covered me up. He turned and was half way out the door when I stopped him "Harry!" I said he stopped and turned to face me "hmm?" I looked at him "can you please lay with me?" I asked he just stood there for a moment before nodding. He turned off the lights and walked over to the hedge kicked off his shoes and I moved over for him. He layed down "why do you need me in here?" He asked "I've been having dreams." I said looking down "they scare me... Like something bad is going to happen and I don't want to sleep alone.." I told him letting a couple tears fall down my cheeks.

I was referring to my mom and how I see her and how she keeps telling me to wake up. He pulled me into him as I silently cried into his chest "sorry .. I don't know what wrong with me.. I usually don't cry.." I mumbled embarrassed "shh I've seen you cry before." He said I nodded "I guess.. But it's still embarrassing." I sniffed

"Just go to sleep baby.." He whispered I nodded and cuddled into him. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up and went to press myself into Harry but he wasn't there.. I looked around but he wasn't anywhere. I got up and limped to my closet to get dressed. I put black shorts on and tucked in a gray long sleeve shirt and then put my combat boots on. I went to my vanity to straighten my hair and put on my eyeliner and mascara.

I slowly walked down the stairs being careful not to hurt my leg. I walked into the kitchen to see Harry drinking coffee "good morning!" He smiled handing me a mug full of sweet delicious coffee I smiled and sipped the coffee into my mouth "good morning." I smiled "thanks for the coffee!" I grinned he nodded "is there anything you want to do today?" Harry asked

I looked down and my leg that was wrapped up "well I can't do much... Ya know? My leg is sorta hurt.." I giggled "right.. Well how about a movie night? I mean, Lou and the boys are training... El is at an interview.. It's just me and you.." He said shyly "that sounds like fun!!" I smiled I turned him around and jumped on his back. He was surprised but he caught my legs "to the front room slave!" I giggle he shakes his head but plays along "yes mah lady." He laughs

When we get to the front room he gently let's me down and I run/limp to the shelf next to he fireplace and kneel down to look at them. I finally found the one I wanted and I jumped up "this one!" I yelled Harry came over and took it from my hands "love actually?" He asked and I nodded "it's my favorite movie!!" I said as I took it and put it in the movie player "really?!" He asked looking at me shocked "it's mine too!" He says and I smile "movie buddies!!" I smiled going to the black couch and plopping down.

Soon he sits right next to me and pulls my legs over his lap. My legs are draped over his lap and he pulled my torso into his. His arms were wrapped around my body as my head rested on his muscular shoulder. Harry grabbed the remote and pressed play and the movie started.

After love actually Harry chose finding nemo, and soon that was also over. We both got up to get junk food. He made a bowl of popcorn while I got out candy. Then he got out a pack of dr. Pepper and I called and ordered a pizza. We set out the food in the living room and I was about to sit down when the bell rang "I'll get it." I told Harry and limped to the door.

I opened it to find the pizza delivery man "hi!" I smiled taking out 15$ and giving it to me in return for the pizza "thanks!" I smiled but as I closed my door he stopped me "hey babe, can I getcha numba?" He asked in an accent "no." I said and tried closing the door "come on Hun.. It's just a numba.." He smirked "and this is just my fist and that's your face. Leave before you meet my fist." I growled "feisty.. I like that." He smiled "get out!" A voice growled behind me I whipped around to find Harry glaring at the young boy "I'm not in." The boy smirked Harry was about to charge but I quickly set the pizza box on the side table and pushed him back "Harry!" I said firmly his eyes flickered to me and he back off I smiled softly at him before turning around

My fist connected with the boys face and he went tumbling into the wall behind him "you heard the man.. Get out." I said slamming the door closed. I turned to find Harry smiling.. Looking almost, proud?

Harry's pov

When the kid went flying into the wall behind him I couldn't help but smile at how good a punch she was. I was proud of her, sticking up for herself and me. She looked back at me and smiled and I couldn't help myself, I wrapped my arms around her. I heard her sigh as she relaxed into my body. Her tiny arms wrapped around my waist.

After awhile I pulled away and grabbed the pizza "hungry?" I asked she nodded and we made our way back into the front room and sat back into our position with her legs over my lap and her body pulled into my side. We both grabbed a pizza and we shoved it down our throats while watching remember the titans. It was a football movie about black and whites trying to get along.

Soon the whole pizza was gone and so was the popcorn... Well most of it, we sorta tried throwing the popcorn to get it in each others mouths but failed many times resulting in a popcorn covered floor. Plus a couple soda cans that we crushed and threw across the room. Then with the candy we just threw the wrappers on the floor.. Soon the movie was over and we made a fort... Well if you count blankets scattering the floor along with the pillows we used for a pillow fight, with us watching youtube videos surrounded by candy wrappers, popcorn, and soda cans a fort.. Then yes, we made a fort, and it's fucking wonderful so be jealous!

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