Perfect two

Her innocence... Makes me want her
Her beauty... Makes me protect her
My life? My life was nothing before she showed up. She's my love story


7. 6

"I won't let these little things slip out of my mind.." There was a beautiful voice singing somewhere next to me but I couldn't pin point where it's was coming from... It was just echoing through my body.

"London... Wake up.. Please.." The singing stopped and the voice started to crack.. "London..." I whipped around and saw my mom "mom! Your scared me!" I gasped "honey.. Wake up! He needs you." She begged "who?" I asked "mom, who needs me?" I asked "well, harry of course!" She said like I was dumb "don't you see how good you make him? He needs you, he looks up to you." She told me "mom.. I'm just a random girl who was born in Texas... Why would he want me or need me?" I asked "baby.. Open up your eyes. Don't you see how much he admires you, how he stares at you while you talk? Wake up honey. You need him just as much as he needs you." She said and disappeared

"Mom!! Mom wait!!" And all the sudden I'm shooting up out of the hospital bed screaming "London!" I hear "London open your eyes it okay!" I slowly open my eyes to see harry staring at me wide eyed I started crying and I wrapped my arms around Harry's neck as he leaned into me "oh my god... London you finally woke up!" He sighed "sir! You need to move. Doctor Collins come in quickly her heart rAte, we need to check her blood pressure."

Doctors and nurses surrounded me shoving harry away. They were messing with my leg, sticking tubes in my arms, checking my head, anything that was injured during my fall. "Harry!" I whined as multiple needles were being stuck into me. He pushed his way back through "move the fuck out if the way." He growled to some nurses trying to stop him. Finally the doctor held out his hand "let him through. You guys can go now." He shooed

Harry walked over to me and took my hand as I leaned my head into his chest as the doctor fiddled witH my leg. "Does this hurt?" The doctor asked as he poked at a spot in my leg "a little sore but not really pain.." I mumbled "good, that's good. Your leg is healing nicely." He smiled "how long was I asleep?" I asked harry looked down at me "a week. Your leg wasn't as bad as we first thought. It was just cut." He told me "you just hit your head and it caused the injury from your car accident to kind of show up... But your fine , mostly just bumps and bruises." He assured "oh..." I said "well when can I go home?" I wondered out loud "actually we need to keep you one more night to make sure your brain is fine.. Then hopefully if everything is okay you can leave tomorrow." He smiled "I'll leave you two.." He said walking out

"I'm so glad your awake.. I was so scared." He mumbled into my hair. "Can you lay with me?" I asked as I moved over to make room for him. He squeezed In and wrapped his large arms around me. I pressed myself up against him resting my head on his chest feeling safe and soon enough my eyes are closing and I'm asleep.

"Is she okay?" Niall asked "Yeah, she's tired though.." Harry said "how long has she been sleeping?" Louis asked "since last night when she woke up." Harry replied "when can she go home?" Zayn wondered "they said tonight when she wakes up." Louis said "put her clothes on that chair. I'll be sure she gets them when she wakes up." Harry said and I heard shuffling "we are going to get her room ready now... Since she's moving in with you." I think Liam said my room? Moving in with who? What about my apartment?! I had so many questions

Soon I heard a door slam close, and after a couple minutes I fluttered my eyes and looked up to see harry looking down at me "hello, sleepy head." He smiled "hi" I grinned "what time is it?" I asked harry looked at his watch "5:00" he said "when can I go home?" I asked "now actually." He smiled getting up he got some clothes and gave them to me.

He helped me to the bathroom as I slightly limped. I closed the door and turned with the clothes. I used the toilet, brushed my teeth and hair with the stuff Lou brought. Then I pulled my hair into a messy bun. I pulled on the tank top and tucked it into the sweats that I had, then I pulled on louis sweatshirt. I put my shoes on and walked out. "Ready?" Harry asked I nodded and he came over to me

"Let's run by my apartment before going to louis.. I gotta grab something" harry said "okay." I nodded we drove to Harry's flat and he helped me in. I froze in place and was shocked by what I saw. He had 3 whit walls and 1 gray. A black couch with white, and blue pillows on it, there was a white chair with a black and blue checkered pillow. He had a big furry white rug with a blue coffee table with a couple magazines and some flowers. There was a big brick gray fire place with a huge flat screen tv above it. "There's more!" Harry said taking my hand "no need to brag..." I mumbled

We walked into a kitchen and it was gorgeous!! The oven, fridge, microwave and all the electronics were steal, and the counter tops were granite with brown cabinets and cream walls. There was a small dining table with roses on it and a big beautiful chandelier right above it. "Wow.. This is amazing!" I said "wanna see the bedrooms?" He asked I turned to him "yes!!" I squealed

We walked up the stairs and there were four doors. The first on was a guest room that was all white. White walls, white bed, white chair. It was basically a hotel room. The second one was on the left and it was a bathroom. It had 2 teal walls and 1 cream wall. Against the fourth wall was a shower/bath. With dolphin curtains. Then the second door on the left was Harry's room. He had 2 black walls and 2 red. He had a black bed with a checkered bed spread. He had a tv, computer, and a couch.

"This last room I think you'll like!" He smiled practically dragging me down the hall. I opened the door and out jumped four boys "surprise!!" Lou screamed "your moving in with harry!" Niall said "we thought you'd like this place." Liam smiled

"What about my aprtment?" I asked "sold." Louis said "my clothes?" "All here." Liam assured "all my furniture?" I wondered "either sold, or here." Zayn said "does my family know?" I asked "never in a million years!" Lou said I nodded "then I love it here!" I smiled "now let me see!" I said pushing past them

I had 3 black walls and 1 maroon wall. My bed was black and I had a zebra bedspread with black sheets and it had piles of pillows. Zebra, maroon, light pink, black, gray and some white pillows. Then I had a nightstand next to it with a silver lamp on it. There was two doors in the corner I walked over to them and opened them. It was a huge closet! The inside of the doors were completely mirror and then on the left side of my closet I had all my dresses, and skirts. On the right, I had my jeans and shorts. Then the back wall there was a bunch of shelves with my shoes on it, along with a couple bags.

I walked out and closed the doors. Then I noticed a vanity in the corner. I walked over to it to see all my makeup and hair stuff in it. It had a huge mirror with pictures of me and Lou. I smiled and walked to the white dresser against the wall. All my shorts, under clothes and bathing suits were in it. Then across from my bed there was a small flat screen tv hanging on the wall. I turned to the boys and frowned "do you not like it?" Niall asked disappointed

I walked over to them "not like it?" I asked teasing them "I love it!!" I squealed I hugged every one of them "you guys are amazing!!" I giggled "wait! We have one more thing for you." Harry said "more? This is already too much! I can't take more." I said seriously "but we want to so there." Lou said and I rolled my eyes taking the big box from zayn a hands

I unwrapped the wrapping paper and noticed a laptop "no! No way can I take this!" I frowned but I loved it It was teal and white "we already bought it so you have to keep it." Liam said "thanks guys, you really don't know how much this means." I smiled "it's nothing.." Niall smiled "but we should go and let you rest." He said and they all kissed my cheek and then louis came over to me.

I wrapped my small arms around his torso and snuggled my head into his chest "thank you so much!" I mumbled into him "anything for my baby girl." He said I leaned up and kissed his cheek "you have no idea how grateful I am for you!" I smiled "I'm just amazing!" He giggled running down the stairs and out of the house I giggled and shook my head

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