Perfect two

Her innocence... Makes me want her
Her beauty... Makes me protect her
My life? My life was nothing before she showed up. She's my love story


6. 5

Harry's pov

The minute we parked and got out I felt the music shaking the ground and pumping through my veins. I held London's cold small hands in my warm ones. The minute we walked in a girl stumbled over to us, obviously drunk. "Hey guys! I know you! You boomer and your Hannah!" She slurred "wrong people." I mumbled pushing her to the side and looking around to find Louis.

"Do see Louis?" I whispered in her ear visibly making her shiver. She shook her head until she turned "oh! He's right there!!" She smiled practically dragging me over once we reached them she pulled away from me and ran into Louis arms "Louis!!" She squealed

I felt a pang of jealousy as they hugged. I mentally punched myself "shut up Harry!! You don't know what your thinking! Forget about her!" I scolded myself she gave Eleanor a quick hug and ran back over to me smiling. I gave her a big smile and wrapped my arm around her small waist. Her blonde hair fell down her back in natural curls, her eyes had a coat of eyeliner and a little mascara. She looked so perfect at this moment. I pulled her to the bar and got us some straight vodka.

We took a couple shots until we got buzzed. "Come dance!" She asked I shook my head "I don't dance babe." I told her she turned to face me "please?" She begged with puppy dog eyes "nope." I said she huffed "fine I'll go by myself." She mumbled

London's pov

As I pushed through the people until I got into the middle of the crowd. I started dancing until I felt hands on my waist. I turned and saw a boy with shaggy brown hair and brown eyes. I smiled and we danced for awhile until his lip came down and he kissed my ear "let's get outta here.." He suggested "I can't." I said and pulled away "I have to go." I mumbled walking off until he pulled me back "no. We are getting out of here." He growled yanking me I screamed as loud as I could trying to get my voice to be heard over the music "Harry!!!!" I screamed "let go!!" Everyone was too fucking drunk to help me so he easily pulled me out if the club and started dragging me to the back "stop!"

I burst into tears "please stop!" I begged sounding defeated and scared "Harry!!" I screamed again "London?" I heard "Harry?" I called "London!!! Where are you!?" He called "in the bac-" but I didn't get to finish because the guy pulled out a knife pressing it to my knock "shut the hell up slut!" He growled

I let more tears stream down my face he pulled me into the trees and we walked a couple feet until there was a cliff. He stopped "you make any noise and you die. Got it?" He asked I nodded slowly feeling the cold blade of the knife pressed into my neck. "London?" Harry called "Harry!" I called and he came running but froze when he saw us

Louis and Eleanor were right behind him "I told you not to say anything!" The guy yelled and all the sudden the knife was yanked slitting my throat and he shoved me making me go tumbling down the cliff. "London!!" I heard Eleanor scream I roll over rocks, sticks and hit my head against some tree trunks and against the ground.

After what felt like forever I finally stopped rolling and I just layed there feeling pain shooting through my body the tears stopped flowing and I felt frozen in place. I heard Harry yelling and I heard punches being thrown and all the sudden a body was tumbling down the hill and the guy rested a couple feet from me unconscious.

All the sudden I hear three sets of feet running and I open my eyes again to see Harry Louis and El running down the hill. Harry practically threw himself at me as El fell to her knees next to me in tears. Louis put my head in his lap. "El give me your scarf!" Harry commanded she quickly took it of handing it to him

He pressed it to my neck making me tense up and cry. "Shh baby your okay.." Louis hushed "ahhhhhhhhh!!!" El screamed "h-her leg!!!!" She yelled Harry looked down and gasped "oh my god.. Lou..." He said Louis looked over and his eyes watered up... He looked at me and I got scared.

I started hyperventilating and looked down... There was "a stick in my leg!!" I cried all the sudden el looked up "harry!! Watch out!!" But it was too late the guy had hit Harry over the head with a rock and Harry fell on me as Louis got up throwing punches at the guy. El called the police as I wrapped my fingers in Harry's hair. I was still hyperventilating but it got worse as I felt blood in Harry's curls. I looked at his face to see he was struggling to stay awake.

"Stay awake.." I whispered he only nodded and I started feeling dizzy "Louis!! There losing too much blood!" El yelled and soon we heard sirens and all the sudden police are running down the hill and I'm carried up into a gurney and all the sudden it's all black. I'm dead...

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