Perfect two

Her innocence... Makes me want her
Her beauty... Makes me protect her
My life? My life was nothing before she showed up. She's my love story


5. 4

"Wake up wake up wake up!!!" El jumped in my bed squealing "go away!" I mumbled into my pillow "London.. It's already 1 pm and the boys have an interview!" She said I jumped up "1?!!?! I'm up get out!" I yelled shoving her out "we have 30 minutes!" She yelled as the door shut

I hurry and showered and got dressed in 20 minutes flat. Then I hurry and got my makeup on and quickly straightened my hair. I hurry grabbed my phone and ran downstairs. When I got to the car everyone was already there. I squeezed in next to harry and niall and once I was sitting the car started moving. When we got to the station the paparazzi was already there with flashing cameras. When we got out harry quickly pulled me in and niall stood on my left with zayn and Liam behind us.people were yelling at me and harry asking if we were together and soon we made it inside and we were dragged into a big room with cameras and an audience.

Everyone started cheering and a man smiled "welcome one direction!" The man yelled we all went in and sat on a huge couch. Harry sat on the edge with me inner week his legs, then lou with Eleanor between his legs then niall, zayn, and then Liam. "Welcome boys! And girls.." He said still smiling "it's been a while!" He said "you too!" Liam smiled "it's nice to be here again." Niall said then I just zoned out..

They talked about how harry will be leaving for america for a month and how louis and niall are going to japan. And Liam and zayn are staying here to train people. They talked about very thing and how harry is the champion of boxing and if me and harry are a couple... Wait! "What?" I asked then he smiled "you and harry are dating yes?" He asked but I didn't get to reply "well I don't know why we are asking... Here's a picture." He said and a picture of me crying and harry yelling at the paps popped up. My cheeks instantly heated up and harry visibly tensed. "Harry, she's not like all the other girls you have shagged... She seems more innocent." The man said "yeah. Cuz she's much better." Harry said through clenched teeth I don't know why but I felt hurt that he actually said that.

When the interview was finally over harry dragged me to his dressing room and got changed. He wore black bball shorts and he pulled his shirt off and his shorts. I looked at his messy curls that were being pulled back by a bandanna, his green eyes staring at me, his amazingly tan skin and toned body, his abs jumping out at me, his muscular legs and the ankle bracket he had snapped around his ankle. I looked up and noticed a small paper airplane pendant hanging from his neck and before I realized what I was doing, I walked over to him and held it in my tiny hand. "It's so pretty.." I mumbled under my breathe

He chuckled "yeh, I thought so too." He admitted "I need to go." He said "come on I want to take you to a room." Then he took my hand and led me down the hall I was put in a room with a big window and I could see the ring. Louis was already fighting his opponent and zayn and Liam were yelling at him to kiss the guys ass. "You better win." I told harry "only for you baby." He smirked noticing the blush that was held on my cheeks he kissed my cheek "your so cute when you blush." He said

So how long have you known louis?" I Asked "5 years." He said "and I've never met you before this week?!" I asked and harry just raised an eyebrow "well how long have you known him?" He asked "since I was born." I said "how old are you?" He asked "19. And you?" "I'll be 21 in February." He confirmed

"Wel-" "harry! Get your ass out here and beat the shit out of the guy!" Someone came in yelling "calm you balls Gary! I'm coming!" Harry yelled back and then turned to me "I gotta go." He said and kissed my cheek again "good luck! Win for me!" I said as he walked out.

For some reason I felt an attachment to harry, it's not good either, I mean I just met him and I'm already wanting to be around him. Ugh life is just so complicated right now. I feel like he actually listens to me when I talk, he looks at me and he will actually listen. All the sudden I heard the screaming get louder and when I looked up harry knocked the other player to his butt and he was knocked out. He looked up at me and stood up and smiled clapping. His smiled widened and he waved to me to come down.

I ran out if the door and down the hall. I was a few feet from harry and hall I could hear and see were girls. "Harry you did amazing." A blonde girl said "harry come home and fuck me!" A brunette screamed he just pushed them out if the way and walked to me. He let a big smile over come his features and he wrapped me up in a hug "how did I do?" He asked in my ear "you did amazing!" I beamed up at him "I won just for you baby." He whispered seductively in my ear making me blush extremely hard he chuckled and rubbed his thumbs over my cheeks "your so cute when you blush." He said only making my blush deepen

"Come on. I need to change." He said taking my hand in his. He took me to his dressing room and grabbed a pair of clothes and a towel then went and showered. 20 minutes later he came out dressed and wet ringlets falling to his shoulders. I stood up from the couch and walked over to him "let's go out to get some dinner before the boys and El meet us at the club." Harry suggested "okay." I smiled and called El when she didn't answer I just left a message "hey twin! Harry and I are leaving but we will meet y'all at the club. Love ya!" Harry smiled at me and took my hand.

My small cold hand in his big warm ones. When we got outside the paps were there and my grip tightened on his and I pressed my small body into his he pushed through the crowd and then finally we got to a black car "umm whose is this?" I asked "mine.. I had my manager bring it." He said and I nodded "oh.." He opened the passenger door for me and I got in.

He ran to the other side and got in. He quickly started the car up and sped out of the driveway. He drove for a couple minutes im until we pulled into a big fancy restaurant. "Harry no. First: I dont have money to pay for this second: I'm not even dressed properly third: don't say you'll pay because you most certainly will NOT!" I said looking at him he laughed "you don't have to pay, you look beautiful, and yes I am paying cause I have money." He said and I shook my head "no way!" I said "you are so stubborn." He said getting out if the car and walking around. He opened my door "get out!" He demanded but I shook my head he tooled his eyes and picked me up bridal style "harry!" I yelled "put me down right now!" I screamed

Harry's POV

"Put me down right now!" She screamed I laughed at how cute she was. I love how stubborn she is "your an asshole." She mumbled wrapping her arms around my neck so she wouldn't fall "yeah.. But I'm a sexy asshole." I grinned "hell nah!" She said looking at me I pouted and she giggled "awh... Whittle hawwy is sad..." She said in a baby voice I chuckled and put her down but taking her hand.

We went in and sat in the corner she was looking outside so I took the moment to stare at her. She had long blonde hair that went just above her bum. She had big green eyes with dark eyelashes framing them. She had a cute little button nose and big pink heart shaped lips that looked so soft. I wanted so badly to just smash my lips onto hers and just claim her as mine, but I couldn't, I wanted to take my time with her. She's so fragile and sensitive. She looked at me and smiled only making me smile "what are you going to eat?" She asked I looked at the menue "chicken Parmesan." I said she nodded "me too!" She grinned

Soon we ordered and we were just talking.. "What's your favorite number?" She asked and I laughed at the dumb question "7" I said "what's yours?" I asked "16." She said looking down almost looking sad "what's wrong?" I asked concerned "my sisters 16." She said "so why is that bad?" I asked confused "she will never age." She once again said but I was completely confused "I'm not following.." I told her she looked down "she's... Dead." She mumbled and I furrowed my eyebrows "I'm so sorry. I shouldn't-" "it's okay." She whispered giving me a small smile.

Soon our food was here and we piled it into our mouths and we ate it all within the 30 minutes we had. I was now 9 and we are suppose to be at the club. We ran out to my car and drove off.

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