Perfect two

Her innocence... Makes me want her
Her beauty... Makes me protect her
My life? My life was nothing before she showed up. She's my love story


4. 3

We ended up going to a small cafe that was down the block. It was cute. We all walked in and sat down in a big rounded booth. It went: Danielle, Liam, Perrie, zayn, niall, me, Eleanor, Lou, harry. I waitress came over once we were all settled "hello, can I get y'all any drinks?" She asked in a cute southern accent "all the boys ordered a beer, El and I ordered ice tea, Perrie got sprite, and Danielle got water. "Okay I'll be right back with those drinks." She smiled walking away

"What are you getting?" I asked El "I think I'm getting a burger.. You?" She asked "I'm not sure.." I shrugged looking at the menu then the waitress whose name was madi came back with our drinks "okay, are y'all ready to order, or do ya need more time to think?" She asked louis looked around "no, I think we're ready." He said she nodded getting our her little note pad and jotting down our orders. She then walked away and in 20 minutes our food was at the table and we were digging in.

I slowly ate my chicken strips noticing that harry was staring at me. Our eyes locked and I felt extremely uncomfortable but I refused to break eye contact first. "London!" My attention was snapped from Harry's eyes to Els eyes. She leaned over smirking "quit drooling over him." She giggled my eyes widened "I am not!" I said a little to loudly making everyone look at me I blushed and looked at El "I'm not!" I whispered harshly "okay... But he is." She said glancing over at harry who was still staring at me with a hint of amusement clear in his blazing green eyes.

"Not really.." I mumbled "are you not seeing the way he's looking at you? Seriously London, open your eyes girl." She said I rolled my eyes "so how long are you gonna be here?" I asked changing the subject "a whole month!! She squealed immediately forgetting about harry "I am so happy! 3 freaking months of begging my boss to let me have the month off finally paid off!" She looked so happy smiling from ear to ear "that so great!! We can have our girl nights again and I can have my sister back!" I said excitedly her smile only widening "okay.. Tomorrow night after the two matches we are all going our to celebrate my month off. We are going clubbing and we are gonna get drunk off our asses." She told me, I could already see her scrunching her eyebrows planning out the night. I giggled at shook my head

Soon we all got ready to leave and I went in Els car as to not have to on Harry's lap again. The boys and the girls got home before the both of us and when we pulled into the parking lot I called my dad. "Hello? Michelle is that my baby girl?" He asked from the other side of the phone I rolled my eyes walking through the front door "no dad. It's London." I told him

I heard home clear his throat "oh.. London. How are you?" He asked "oh, I'm goo-" "you know, sorry London. I can't really talk right now. Bye." He said hanging up I froze standing in the living room then I called my sister "hello?" I heard her hoarse voice "hey niche-" "oh. Look brat.. I can't talk now." She told me "michel-" "bye London." Then the line went dead. My blood started to boil and my eyebrows scrunched together and I through my stupid flip phone across the room almost hitting zayn. Then I turned and slammed my fist into the wall. I punched it one more time until El came and stood directly in front of me stopping me. "Move." I growled she shook her head "stop London. They don't even deserve your anger." She said knowing why I was so upset "their just shit bags." She said I screamed at the top of my lungs and turned storming out if the house.

Harry's POV

London came in looking upset and then all the sudden her phone is being thrown across the room and she turns and punches the wall two times before Eleanor stands in front of her almost getting punched in the face. "Move." London growled but el just shook her head "they don't deserve your anger." Eleanor said "their just shit bags." El said London just growled and stormed our of the house.

Damn.. As much as it's hot to see a girl angry I just felt bad..... Time out.. Me feel bad. Please. I don't feel bad for anyone. I don't care about anyone except my brothers (louis, niall, Liam, and zayn) nobody else! What the shit is wrong with me? I growled to myself and before I knew it I was up and running out the door. I ran down the driveway and looked to my left and then my right and seeing her down the road kicking mail boxes and trash cans. I ran down the street and when I was close enough I could hear her swearing under her breathe and her face was slightly red from anger.

"London?" I asked softly she whipped around and her face softened "oh... Hi harry.." She whispered looking down "are you okay?" I asked she shrugged and I saw a tear running down her cheek I walked forward and slowly lifted my hand up to her face a gently wiped away the year with my thumb. "Hey.. Don't cry.." I cooed but she only started crying more and so I did the thing I always did for my sister, I held her in my arms.

We sat down in the middle of the road while I held her tight in my arms and her arms were in between us as she fists my shirt in her small hands. "Shh your okay.." I cooed trying to calm her down. Within minutes her sobs quieted down and she stood up wiping away the tears "sorry.." She mumbled "I usually don't do that." She said with a small blush creeping up to her cheeks. I chuckled standing up "it's okay.. We all need a release sometimes." I told her

"Come on." I said wrapping my arm around her petite waist "let's go for a walk." I offered and she nodded I kept my arm around her the whole time we walked to the park. We talked about everything and anything... All about nothing. It was so nice to talk, talk to someone who actually cares about what your saying... "So.. I was sitting there staring at her.. And she just stood up and slapped me yelling how I was a pig." I said laughing, a real genuine laugh. I looked over at London seeing her eyes close, her eyes roll to the back of her head.

"So what about you?" I asked "your most embarrassing story." I said she just looked at me with wide eyes "I am so not telling you!" She gasped "come on!! I told you mine." I whined she sighed and looked down blushing "fine.." She mumbled I waited patiently for her to continue "so.. When I first moved out of my dad's house, I was 17. I lived with a friend and I had to get a job to pay the rent." She cleared her throat "I eventually found one at a simple store.. There Was this really attractive guy there, his name was Ben. One day I was in the storage room trying to get a box down from the top shelf. I couldn't get it so Ben came in and got it down for me." Her blush got even worse and she started breathing weirdly "I turned around and he was staring at me he leaned in a little bit and so did I thinking he wanted to kiss me.. Okay no! I can't so it. Harry I can't finish!" She said "pweaaasee??" I begged giving her puppy eyes

She stared into my eyes for another minute before sighing "ugh.. Fine!" She huffed "soo... Then when I was about to kiss him, he- umm- he well suddenly pulled back turning around and walked to the door. And then he turned his head and said 'by the way, you have something on your cheek.' I wiped my cheek to see that I had peanut butter on it from when I got in a food fight at lunch." She let out an adorable little huff I couldn't help but laugh. I laughed so hard I clutched my stomach and my head fell back. She stomped her foot childishly "stop.." She whined and I chuckled grabbing her hand "sorry.. That is hilarious!"

We walked around the fountain and all the sudden we saw flashing lights everywhere. I looked and saw the paps.. I groaned and I grabbed London pulling her into my chest "harry.." She whispered looking around "I'm scared.." She said I looked down to see tears pooling in the corners of her eyes "shh... Your okay." I assured pushing through all the bastards then someone grabbed London's arm and yanked her from my grip, that's when I lost it.

London's POV

"Harry!" I screamed as I was pulled through the crowd as everyone threw questions at me "stop!" I whined looking around frantically and I started to feel dizzy and lost. "Harry!" I yelled again "London!" I heard I whipped around and saw harry he was making his way towards me when someone stopped him. All the sudden he started yelling and he grabbed the camera and smashed it In the ground. He flipped everyone off and ran to me "London!" He said wrapping me in his arms

He shoved everyone out of the way and we walked home. I couldn't help I was crying and I was scared and when harry got me home and opened the door louis came bounding down the stairs "I was so- London?" He asked seeing my face "louis!" I whined running into his arms I cried "what's wrong?" He asked but I didn't answer "harry!!! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO!! YOU BASTARD IF YOU SO MUCH AS TOUCHED HER I WILL KILL YOUR SORRY ASS!" Louis screamed

"Louis!" I tried getting his attention but he gently pushed me aside and charged harry "louis stop!!" I yelled running Over to him "no! It was the paparazzi.. They surrounded us and I got scared.." I said whispering the last part his face softened and he walked over to me and wrapped me up in a hug kissing my cheek "I'm sorry for yelling harry." He apologized "it's okay man.. I understand." Harry said "I'm sorry London for what happened.." Harry said looking away "it's not your fault.." I told him and then turned going up to my room

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