Perfect two

Her innocence... Makes me want her
Her beauty... Makes me protect her
My life? My life was nothing before she showed up. She's my love story


12. 11

For the next couple months Harry and I got so close, he ended up taking me out a couple times and then we started dating... We fight like married couples, talk like bestfriends, and protect each other like siblings. It's the best relationship ever! The only down side to it all, is that he's leaving in less than a month to go to America for interviews and training. Then he's coming back for some matches then he's going back to America for more matches and interviews.

So in total, he'll be in America for 8 months. It's a really long time and I don't want to be alone. About a monh ago someone broke in, and robbed the place and tied me to a chair and left me there. I was tied up for almost 3 hours until Harry got home. He was furious, I swear if looks could kill... Everyone would be dead right now.

Louis has quit talking to me, he's pushed himself away from everybody. He says it's for my safety along with the rest of the boys and El's. I tried talking to him, to get him to tell me what was going on but he just pushed me away and said to stay away. As much as I want to be with him, I stayed away, I've been giving him his space and respecting him.

Niall and I are super close though, we both have food contests, and we always go to nandos together.

Zayn and perrie are cool too. Harry refused to let me be by myself so I'll usually go and hang out at there house while Harry trains.

Liam is like my big brother, he is my advice giver and I love him for it. I literally don't know how I lived without him all those years.

Anyway that's what it's been like for the past 3 months and now... Let's move one to the present, as in what Harry and I are doing at this very moment.

"Please harry.." I whined pulled him down so he was resting back in between my legs he leaned down and laid on me "please, I've been stuck in here for a whole month I need to go it!" I said "fine. We will go to dinner!" He said sitting on his knees "really?@ I squealed leaning into his arms pressing my lips ontohis.

"That was sooo good!" I smiled to harry.. But all the sudden someone come running by and I fell of the short bridge and fell into the pond "shit!" I heard harry yell I start sinking to the bottom and all the sudden I hear a splash and harry grabs my arm and I was being yanked to the surface. He pulls me up onto the bank I start coughing up water that went into my mouth

I gasp for air feeling my lungs burn "oh my god.." I gasped feeling warm tears stream down my face "it's okay baby.. Your okay..." He mumbled pulling me into his arms I started shaking from the cold water "I don't feel good.." I whined "oh my god... Your head is bleeding." Harry said showing me his hands which were covered in blood from my head

I started freaking out and fisted my fingers on Harry's shirt "harry!" I cried "I'm gonna die!" I cried "oh my gosh,, oh. My. Gosh." I cried "shh, come on let's go." He helped me up but I fell again "I feel dizzy." I cried

He lifted me up and he ran to his car "I don't feel good." I whispered closing my eyes "no! Stay awake!" He yelled and sped towards the hospital "stay awake, don't you dare close your eyes."

I nodded and listened to him talk. "I can't, harry I need to sleep." I mumbled "no! We are here stay awake." He said and the car jerked to a stop and he ran over and pulled me or into his arms. I grabbed into him "harry.." I whined as more tears streamed down my face "it hurts." I said "what baby? What hurts?" He asked frantically "my head." I said

"I need help!" Harry yelled running in "she's been injured help me!" He screamed a nurse came running over "she's losing to much blood!" She yelled and I was put on a gurney "what happened?" Someone asked "someone came running by and she went tumbling into the water, she can't swim so I jumped in and saved her, when I pulled her out she could barely breathe and then I saw the blood and freaked out, especially since it was from her head." Harry said and then I went into a world of darkness...

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