Perfect two

Her innocence... Makes me want her
Her beauty... Makes me protect her
My life? My life was nothing before she showed up. She's my love story


11. 10

Harry's POV

I woke up with somebody laying on my chest, I looked down and saw London... Oh yeah, the story, her nightmare and her asking me to stay with her.. It all came flooding back.

I looked down at her face, she looked so peaceful, so serene.. I smiled at her beauty. I looked at the clock at noticed it was only 8... London is usually awake before 8 I should make her breakfast.. I nodded to myself and slowly and carefully stood up. London gave out a small groan and turned and layed on her stomach.

I chuckled and quietly left the room. I tossed my dirty shirt into my hamper and changed into sweats.

I walked downstairs knowing exactly what I was going to make for London. I was going to cook pancakes, eggs, and bacon! First I started with the bacon, since they took the longest. It took me 30 minutes until the bacon was cooked, then I started on the pancakes.

London's POV

"Harry.." I groaned reaching out towards him, but my hand fell on an empty mattress I sat up "harry?" I asked I layed back down

He left. He left me now that I told him my story, he thought I was pathetic and stupid... Wait, do I smell bacon? I quickly got up and slipped into sweats and a tank top and fixed my messy bun and put it into a high pony.

I walked down the stairs and saw harry flipping pancakes.. Shirtless. I stared at his toned back, muscles flexing every time he moved, his hair was messy, but perfect as always, he wore gray sweats and he was bare footed. I slowly walked up to him and stood next to him watching him flip a pancake.

"Goodmorning." He smiled once he saw me "goodmorning." I yawned "did you sleep well?" He asked I nodded "thank you for laying next to me..." I said he shrugged "anything for you." He grinned making one of his dimples show

I poked his dimple smiling "I love your dimples.. There so cute!" I gushed he grew his head back and laughed "cute?" He asked I blushed "yes, hey are cute." I repeated he smiled at me and continued cooking "can I help you?" I asked he nodded and made room for me to squeeze in between him and the stove. I stood right in front of him and grabbed the spatula.

He wrapped his long arms around my waist and put his head on mine. I put the spatula under the pancake and flipped it "I did it!" I squealed grinning like an idiot "yes you did!" Harry agreed "soon you'll be a pro chef." Harry said I shook my head taking the pancakes of the pan "whatever.. Harry, all I can do is flip pancakes and cook a pop tart." I giggled "I'll teach you to cook." He said "it's fine harr-" "nope. It's official. I'm going to teach you to cook and your gonna like it." He said I sighed smiling "fine.. But I don't have to like it." I said and he chuckled

I felt his chest vibrating against my back from his laughs, I tickled and sent shivers down my spine.

Once the pancakes were done harry made eggs and we sat down at the table with our breakfast. I put a pancake on my plate, then. Put two prices of bacon on it for a mouth and two small scoops of eggs for eyes, then I put two blueberries on the eggs and I used two strawberries for ears and a banana slice for a nose.

I smiled at my art work and quickly took a picture of it. Then I shoved the bacon in my mouth and then the eggs, fruit and then I poured syrup on my pancake and ate that too.

I looked up to see harry staring at me smiling "what?" I asked taking another bite of my pancake he shrugged "your just really cute." He said making me blush insanely "oh stop it you..." I said waving my hand giggling

We finished our breakfast and then cleaned up. We both cleared the table and out the left over food away and then we started the dishes "you wash, I dry." I instructed harry "oh yeah, give me he hard part." He joked I laughed and grabbed a towel "get to work mister!" I demanded and he saluted "yes sir." He said I smacked his arm "excuse me? I'm a ma'am." I said he laughed and started washing

I dried all the dishes and we started putting them away. I put all the cups, and plates away, while harry put the pans and silver wear away. I gave him a small hug "thanks for breakfast." I smiled "no problem." He smiled the. He gently pushed me up the stairs and said "get ready, we're going out ." I smiled and nodded running up the stairs

I quickly changed into black leather skinny jeans, a tight black shirt with a white vest then I got a black beanie that said hope in bold white letters I put jt on and let my natural curly hair run down my back, last I put on my white converses. I grabbed my broken flip phone shoving it into my back pocket and then I ran down the stairs to see harry wearing black skinny jeans with a black t shirt hugging him in all the right places and the v neck showing off his tattoos, he then wore black boots and his long hair was messy but still perfect.

He was waiting by the door and when he saw me he smiled I pranced over to him and linked my arm with his "where we going?" I asked "to the shops." He said and I frowned "what?" I frowned "I hate shopping." I reminded him "trust me... You'll like this." He assured and I sighed "fine, I better like it or your dead." I threatened making him smile

We got to the shops and he dragged me through the whole place until we reached and apple store "what are we-" "I'm going to buy you a new phone." He said and my eyes widened and I stepped back "hell no. No fucking way are you buying me a phone harry." I said and he grabbed my hand trying to tank me in but I pulled away "harry! No. I have a phone." I said showing him he took it in his hands and smashed it on the floor "what phone?" He asked smirking I growled and smacked his arm "ow.." He whined rubbing the spot where I hit him "oh, grow a pair of balls and be a man." I said he laughed and tried dragging me in again, but again... I resisted "harry.." I whined he picked me up making me wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck so I wouldn't fall "harry!" I said "put me down." I whined I pouted and he looked into my eyes "nope." He smirked walking into the store I hit him over and over again "ugh! I hate you." I growled

He put me down and wrapped his arm around me to make sure I wouldn't run. He walked over to an employee "hi how can I help you?" The girl asked eyeing him up and down "need a new phone? Laptop? Sex?" She winked harry scoffed and looked at me I screwed my face and he chuckled "my girlfriend.. Needs a new phone." He said emphasizing the word girlfriend

The girl pouted and gave me a dirty look making me giggle.. I buried my face in Harry's side trying to stop my giggles. Harry picked out an iPhone 6 and he paid and bought me a cute case with the Eiffel Tower on it. Then he took me to a piercing shop and bought me some colored studs "to brighten up your nose." He said making me giggle

The. We went to a tattoo parlor and he got an infinity 'ring' tattooed on his finger "this is for you London, I promise never to leave or hurt you." He said smiling and I smiled sitting next to him then I got an infinity 'ring' on my finger and said "I promise that if you ever hurt me, I will murder you." I said he laughed and held my hand and the guy did his thing "can you do one more for me?" I asked the guy "sure thing sweetheart what do ya want?" He asked "well the other day I got this tattoo.." I said showing him the letters that said 'sometimes it's too much' "I want flowers surrounding it." I said he nodded "what type of flowers?" He asked "any." I shrugged he nodded and got to work

Harry held my hand "when did you get that tattoo?" He asked "yesterday.." I giggled "when I was done listening to you and harry I came here and got it along with my nose piercing." I said

Harry paid the guy and we walked out "what now?" I asked "we.. Are going to somewhere fun.." He smiled *ring ring ring*

"Ugh... It my boss." He groaned he looked down at me and frowned "go ahead and answer it.." I smiled he shook his head and hung up and put me in the car and we drove off

"A carnival?" I asked once I smelled the cotton candy, popcorn, and funnel cakes and saw the Ferris wheel "yep." He smiled "I always want to come but I never have anyone to go with.." He said looking down at me "well, I love carnivals!" I smiled he grinned down at me taking my hand in his "your hands are cold!" He gasped and I giggled "they feel cold but I can't tell.." I said

"Oh my god! How do you not get cold?!" He asked I shrugged "In used to it." I said and turned and saw ice cream

I yanked Harry over and he bought me mint chocolate chip and himself chocolate. We sat on a bench and started talking

"Did you know I really hate people?" I asked "why?" He asked and I just gave him a look "oh..." He nodded finally understanding "I hate them so much." I said and he pulled me over to him "me too." He said I smiled and leaned my head on his shoulder and he talked about his mom and his sister Gemma. He seems to love them very much, I wish I could say the same about my family... "London?" I looked up to see Harry looking down at me "are you okay?" He asked sitting up "yeah.." I whispered "then why are you crying?" He asked wiping away my tears "I just.. I'm glad that you actually have family to talk to and love you... I'm just jealous I guess." I shrugged blushing

"Do you want to got on the Ferris wheel?" He asked "umm-I- n-sure.." I stuttered "we don't ha-" "no, I want to." I assured

"Harry.." I whimpered as the ride started moving "I'm scared." I whispered "it's okay love, I'm here." He cooed I sat on his lap straddling him as my arms wrapped around his neck, my head pressed in between my arm and his head, and my eyes squeezed shut. The ride suddenly jerk to a stop and I squealed "Harry...don't let go." I said "never." He promised

"It's so beautiful.." He breathed "open your eyes." He said I shook my head he sat me up and I squeezed my eyes closed even tighter until they hurt "open them baby, I'll hold you really tight, and I won't let go." He promised I slowly opened my eyes and looked into Harry's

His eyes were gleaming, and they looked so pretty "in scared.." I repeated "there's no reason to be." He smiled "yes there is!" I argued "what if I fall out?" I asked "I wouldn't let you." He said I sighed "it's beautiful, and you'll regret not looking." He persuaded I slowly latched my fingers onto his shirt and slowly looked away from his gorgeous eyes and to the sunset.

I gasped "woah..." I smiled my lips forming into a perfect 'O' shape "your right.. It is beautiful..." I agreed looking over to him only to see him already looking at me I blushed deeply "not as beautiful as you." He said kissing my cheek I blushed even more

"Harry?" I asked "hmm?" He hummed kissing my face "what are you doing?" I giggled "showing you how much I love you.." He mumbled against my nose he moved behind my ear and nibbled slightly making me involuntarily let out a moan and slightly grind my hips on his.

He gasped "oh my god.." He said and nibbled more making me grind more.. I couldn't help it, it's like my body just took over for me.

He finally pulled away and smiled at me "I'm guessing that's your weak spot?" He asked I blushed and then I felt sometime hard and my eyes widened and I blushed even more

Harry laughed and kissed the corner of my mouth "your moan is so cute.." He complimented "how is moaning cute?" I asked giggling "i don't know, you make everything cute." He smiled

A/N hey guys! Hope y'all enjoy the story... I think it kinda sucks but hopefully It will get better in the next couple chapters.. Anyway please leave comments because I love reading them!!

Love y'all byee

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