Perfect two

Her innocence... Makes me want her
Her beauty... Makes me protect her
My life? My life was nothing before she showed up. She's my love story


2. 1

"Where are we going?" I asked louis as we were driving "my house." He told me "don't you have a roommate?" I asked "roommates." He corrected "yes four." He told me "four??" I yelled "shut up.." He scolded "yes I have 4 roommates got a problem?" He asked "actually... Yes I do." I admitted "well deal with it." He told me and I rolled my big green eyes "well I hate people and I don't want to be staying with 4 other people." I said "well there's no way in hell your staying on your own right after getting out of the hospital." He said I rolled my eyes again turning to look out if the window... "Well how long until we get there?" I asked "uhh 20 minutes." I nodded closing my eyes

"London." Lou yelled in my ear I jumped almost falling out of the car except the belt saved me "god! Louis you bitch!" I screamed getting out of the car punching his stomach he flinched but since he was a boxer it didn't really affect him.

Louis is a boxer same with his roommates that I've never met.. But I have a mean punch, and kick..

We walked into louis house.. Well more like mansion. I heard yelling coming from a room so we walked down the Foyer and then turned left leading us into a big room with 4 boys sitting at the edge if their seats watching a football game (soccer) "hey!! Dick heads!" Lou yelled they quickly muted the t.v turning their attention to me "guys.. This is mah main bitc-" "london" I scolded punching his arm he rubbed it "sorry.. This is London, my girl bestfriend. She is going to be staying here for awhile so keep your dicks to yourself and behave." He told them making me giggle

A boy with a buzz cut smiled "well I'm Liam." Then a boy with jet black hair "Im zen.." He mumbled I furrowed his eyebrows what and unusual name... "he means zayn.." A blonde one smiled "and I'm niall." He chirped I looked at a curly headed boy waiting for him to introduce himself but he never did. He just smirked at me with a smirk planted in his plump lips "that's harry." Niall said and I nodded "does anyone have a skateboard?" I asked "no." Louis frowned "you were just in a car accident. You just barely got out of the hospital. You can go to hell before riding that thing." Louis scolded "please... I am hell." I smirked

"So.. Skateboard anyone?" I asked again niall jumped up and ran off before coming back a couple minutes later with a skateboard in hand "here.. This is an extra. You can have it." He smiled I took from him "thanks dude.." I smiled turning to louis "I'll be back later." I said patting his shoulder and pushing past him. I walked outside and once I was off the porch I jumped onto the board a skated down the street.

I found a skate park and just skated around for an hour until I got a call louis: L dani: Lon

Lon: hello?

L: you okay?

I rolled my eyes

Lon: no I'm dead Lou

L: okay you sarcastic bitch.. Get your ass back here so we can eat

Lon: give me 5 minutes

L: dude the skate park is like 15 minutes away

D: point being?

L: see ya In 5

Then the line went dead. I smirked okay.. 5 minutes to get back, I like a challenge I went out to the street and I skated around cars getting honked at. I got on the side walk practically shoving people out of the way then I got to Lou's and was skating across the street and a car almost hit me and he honked I just flipped him off riding up the driveway to find the boys sitting waiting. When louis saw me he stood up and looked at his watch "6 minutes." He said I rolled my eyes jumping off the board and stepping on it making it come up so I can grab it "only one minute off." I grinned

"You said 5 minutes." Lou pressed "hey!" I said putting my hands up "I'm better that you." I smirked and he shoved me into the grass. I glared up at him standing up and jumping in his back he fell onto his hands and knees and I got up "where's the food??" I asked running I to the house I found the kitchen and saw a box if pizza i opened it to find pepperoni. I smiled taking the biggest peice. I jumped up on the counter and started eating

The boys walked in and Lou glared at me "bitch.." He mumbled making me giggle everyone grabbed a piece and they started eating and talking. I just listened to them while they talked about their upcoming matches. When I was done I looked at Lou and he smiled "you need to go to bed." He told me "and you need to go to a mental institution." I spit making the rest of the boys laugh I glared at them "I wasn't trying to be funny." I said hopping off the counter "goodnight!" I chirped and followed louis up the stairs.

He have me the room in the very back of the house "this is the coldest room in the house so I thought you'd like it." I smiled nodding "yes.. I love it!" I squealed "I went and got your close from your house. There in the closet and in the dresser." I nodded and he left. I opened a door but it led to the bathroom not the closet. I just shrugged and hopped in the shower. I quickly got out drying my hair and pulling up some underwear and putting a bra on. I put on black booty shorts and a dark blue tank top. I pulled my hair up into a messy bun and then grabbed a blanket off of the chair in the corner and wrapped myself up. I flopped down on the bed and fell asleep.


"Mom?" I asked she smiled "wake up.." She said "you can't be in a coma forever.." She stated and I furrowed my eyebrows "but.. I am out if my coma. I just got out if the hospital." I said she shook her head "oh but my dear dani.. You don't know the half of it. You need to wake up." She said "stop. I am awake." I frowned "wake up!!!" She yelled "wake up!!!!" She screamed over and and over again

*dream over*

I jerked out if bed panting I looked around and once I realized I was in my bed I closed my eyes sighing. My throat felt dry and it was sore I got up keeping the blanket wrapped around me and I walked down the long hallway and down the steps trying to be as quiet as possible. When I got to the kitchen I found harry leaning against the counter drinking a glass of milk. "Oh.. Hey." He said awkwardly "uhh hi." I said clearing my throat "um.. Where are the cups?" I asked he pointed to a cupboard and I walked over and opened it.

I stood on my tip toes trying to reach for a glass up at the top.. Ugh why do they have the cups so far up? I saw an arm reach over my hand and got a cup down. I turned and harry was holding the cup out for me "uh thanks.." I smiled he nodded staring at me. I was trapped between him and the counter so I couldn't go anywhere. We just stared in each other's eyes until all the sudden I feel his soft warm lips on mine. I tried pulling back from shock but he held me there. I soon gave in and wrapped my small arms around his neck wrapping my hands in his soft curls. He moaned as I tugged on them. He lifted me up into the counter and then pulled me in so my legs were around his waist. We made out for a couple minutes before he pulled back. He cursed under his breathe and then took off up the stairs

I furrowed my eyebrows feeling confused and slightly embarrassed. I quickly got a drink and ran up the stairs with my blanket in hand. I wrapped myself up again and laid back down on the bed falling asleep quickly after.

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