A New World

My name is Valkyrie. I am not from this world. I live in Adareth, a place far from here. All I remember is that I was doing something important before I blacked out. That's not important right now, because you're in danger. A creature is after earth. A creature that looks like everybody else. A creature that is one of this world's most supported politicians. A creature that is after you.


1. This Alien World

     I woke up. That's it. To you, this might seem average, normal, but to me, for some reason, those were the three most important words in the universe. You see, I was afraid I would never wake up again. I don't remember why, or where I came from, but all I remember, is that before I blacked out, I was doing something important. I also somehow knew I am not a creature of this world. Perhaps here, I'm some sort of demon, or angel, but that's not me. I'm just... Average. There's nothing special about me where I come from.  I sit up. I'm sitting on a bed, wearing some sort of paper gown. There are strange cords attached to something metal and pointy. I pull them out. I slide off my bed and pull the curtain away from the window. There are tall stone structures that stretch up to the sky. Strange metal creature whiz around on black paths. I rip the curtain back into place and and step back. What am I doing in this alien world?

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