My Fellow Pranksters

What would it be like to be called Destiny Love? And what would it be like to be best friends with the biggest pranksters in Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry- The Weasley Twins.


4. The train!

I walked through all the witches and wizards. I saw my friends Angelina and Alicia. 


"Desi!"Angelina called, running over to me.

"We've missed you so much", Alicia cried hugging me.

"awww thank you", I grinned. "Nice to know somebody loves me"

"Oh stop it", Katie, our sixth year old friend said, coming up behind us. "You know that everyone loves you." I smirked at her. 

"Nah. Just my friends love me. Or maybe all the Gryffindors. Or maybe the Hufflepufs and the Ravenclaws too... But definetly not the Slytherins", I laughed.

Three hands hit me across the back of the head all at once. 

"Stop boasting"

"Don't be so conceited"

"We all know you're popular no need to rub it in our faces"

My three friends grinned at me. I laughed. It was so good to be back with all my friends, and to laugh and talk again.

"What's this?"familiar voice said.

"Our Desi talking to people" 

"Other than her two best friends?"

"Fred! George!" I screamed. I whipped around to see two identical faces smiling at me.

"That's us", they said in unison. I hugged them both.  We chatted for a while and then decided to get a carriage on the train. The twins lugged our bags onto the train. Katie said that she was going to find her friends from sixth year, so Angelina, Alicia and I found a carriage and waited for the twins.

"So how's Laurie?" I asked Alicia, grinning. She blushed frowning a bit.

"Um... Ok", she said sighing. I narrowed my eyes.

"Um ok?" Angelina asked, her eyebrows raised.

"Yeah", Alicia smiled.

"What are you smiling about", I frowned. "You're only saying 'um ok' about Laurie!" I exclaimed. Laurie was the cutest boy in the school.

"I'm just wondering how many girls he's kissed in the past hour". Oh yeah, forgot to mention he was  the most ignorant, rude, and horrible boy in the school. He was competing with Malfoy actually. But the girls would not see it! They thought he was so wonderful. Even Alicia, who's normally sensible (well she is a bit boy mad!) fell for it. Every time the girls - there's always at least three at a time, cry and say they are  heartbroken, I just laughed. Yeah I was not known for sympathy.I often wondered why I was so popular. I had a cruel sense of humor and I didn'nt like doing anything for anybody else.

"I'm going to go find Harry", Angelina said.

"Harry?"I laughed, raising my eyebrows at her.

"well...Yeah!"she said embarrassed. "I want to give him some advice on..."

"Quidditch!"Alicia and I finished for her.

"Yeah, I was watching my brother at his game and the seeker did a really cool mov. You tw..", she said eagerly.

"No! Do NOT talk to me about quidditch!" I inturrupted her quickly. "Just go find Harry!" Alcia went with her. i was left alone for about ten seconds when the twins came in.




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