My Fellow Pranksters

What would it be like to be called Destiny Love? And what would it be like to be best friends with the biggest pranksters in Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry- The Weasley Twins.


6. The Journey

"So what's this I hear about the Order?" I asked the twins.

"What?" They replied.

"Dad told mum about a 'broken Phoenix'" I said impatiently.

"Oh, no, nothing like that", George laughed.

"You see, Harry was there", Fred raised his eyebrows.

"Get a nice escort then? A chauffeur? Limo?" I teased.

" Shut up Desi!" The twins shouted. They both grabbed an arm and put them behind my back.

"Lie down", Fred ordered. I lay down on the seat obediently. Fred sat on my back. As the realisation of what they were going to do dawned on me, I wriggled. 

"Mwahahahaha", George laughed, mockingly evil. He bent down, leaned over me, and... Tickled! I laughed and screamed until tears were rolling down my face. I grabbed Fred and pulled him to the ground. We started rolling around, and George jumped on top of us. We were all screaming and groaning when we got punched. We were so glad to be back together that we never even thought of what type of noise we were making.

*hemhem* A girly cough interrupted us. We froze, looking at ourselves. 

"I would think, that is not the way you would present yourself to a Ministry official", a cold girly voice said. The three of us looked up slowly. 

First came the feet. Big, bulgy feet, stuck into horrible thin pink shoes. Then came the legs. Fat ugly legs, covered with tan tights. A pink skirt came down to her knees. After that came a disgusting pink blazer covering a pink frilly blouse. But worse of all, was the face.

The only way I can describe what that face looked like, is to say; imagine a fat toad. A really ugly fat toad. Covered in silky brown curls with a big bow sitting on top of it. I'm sure you can guess what colour. Yes, that's right. Pink. She should really try to mix up her colours a bit. And pink really didn't suit her.

"Are you not getting up?" She asked sweetly, smiling coldly at us. We scrambled to get to our feet, standing on each other in the process. I glared at George, as he had kicked my left arm. My weak arm.

"I am Professor Umbridge. I am your new Defence against the dark arts teacher" I nearly choked at this. Wouldn't stand much chance against our N.E.W.T.s. Or Voldemort.

"I'm sorry, but did you not say Ministry official?" I asked her, confused. Fred was narrowing his eyes and looking at George, while George just widened his eyes.

"Yes, I did. You see, Dumbledore isn't exactly sane anymore, is he?" She laughed, "So Cornelius sent me to make sure everybody..",She paused,"Was up to the Ministry standards".

So Fudge actually thought Dumbledore was going mad? Did he not notice all the attacks? And Professor Umbridge had been about to say something else... To make sure everybody was oblivious to Voldemorts attacks?

"Oh!" Fred looked angry, but he politely shook her hand. "Pleased to meet you, Professor Umbinge". I looked at him amused. There was mischief in his eyes.

"Umbridge" She said angrily and slowly, as if speaking to an annoying toddler. "This was a most interesting meeting. If all of Dumbledores students are like this, then..." She walked out the door, muttering gleefully.

George looked at Fred, exasperated. "What did you do that for?"He asked, trying to be angry but his lips were twitching.

"Umbinge!" I couldn't keep my laughing inside me anymore. George and I exploded,clutching at each other.

"We're BACK!" Screamed two voices, and Alicia and Angelina plonked themselves on the seats behind us. We got talking about our summer, and before we knew it, it was time to get changed into our cloaks. The boys went out to the bathrooms and we got changed in the compartment. 

We came to Hogsmeade and got off the train. I lingered back with Fed and George while the girls laughed in front of us.

George looked at me and screamed "Race you to the carriages!". Fred ran after him. They both looked back at me and called "You not coming?!". I grinned and sprinted after them.














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