My Fellow Pranksters

What would it be like to be called Destiny Love? And what would it be like to be best friends with the biggest pranksters in Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry- The Weasley Twins.


3. Platform 9 3/4

I sat up in my bed, wet all over with sweat, and shaking with fear. I was cold all over. I thought back to my dream. Where had I been? It was horrible, me sitting there, listening to the clock ticking while Voldemort was gathering an army. It was horrible, to think that I was there worried about a dream that I'd been killed by him, when others where probably having the same worries about their daughter or brother. There wasn't any stories about him yet but the ministry just wanted to look good. My father worked there in the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts office. He often heard of things in the ministry. 

My father did in fact, work alongside Arthur Weasley who was my two best friends father. Fred and George Weasley, the troublemakers in Hogwarts. But, there had to be brains behind all that trouble. And that brains was Destiny Love. AKA Desi. AKA me! I was their fellow troublemaker. The one who all teachers loved but who all Slytherins feared. The student who was more of a troublemaker than the Weasley twins put together but preferred to sit back and let others do the dirty work... OK that might have been an exaggeration. The first part was true, all teachers DID love me and all Slytherins DID hate me. I wasn't the brains though, we always worked things out together. And I wasn't more of a troublemaker that the Weasley twins put together because that, would be definitely impossible.

I lay down in bed again. I had stopped shaking and was starting to get quite cold. I closed my eyes and I fell back to sleep.


"Destiny!" My mother called. "It's time to get up". 

"In a minute mum",I groaned, stuffing my head in my pillow and pulling the duvet over me. 

"Oh darling that's ok. I'm sure you want to miss the train but that's alright",she laughed. My head shot up. Oh yes! I was going to hogwarts. I jumped out of bed quickly and dragged myself out the door yawning still. I walked down the stairs.

"There you go darling", my mum said, handing me a plate with fresh scones straight from the oven, potato bread straight from the frying pan, fried bananas and a yogurt. Yes I'm a vegetarian. My mum loves baking do usually I got a full baked breakfast every morning. I ate it slowly, trying to blink the sleep out of my eyes. When I finished eating I went into my mum.

"Where's dad, mum?" I asked her. 

"Hmm?"she asked looking up from her book. "Oh, right, yeah. He's at Arthur's. Something about a broken Phoenix or something". I narrowed my eyes. Fred and George were staying at grimmuld place. I had visited them earlier in the summer. I had passed my apperation test the year before that so I had apperated. They had told me all about the Order of the Phoenix . My father was in it but my mother was a muggle so I didn't like to worry her. 

"Oh all right. I'm just having a shower, that OK?"I asked her. 

"Yes", she said absent-mindedly." Just don't be too long. We don't want to miss the train."

 I took a quick shower then pulled on my skinny jeans and a top and a hoodie. I did my makeup quickly then ran downstairs in my socks. 

"Mum did you see my trunk?" I asked her anxiously. 

"Oh yes. Dad put it in last night".

 I ran upstairs again and collected my owl, Ned. 


When we got to Kings Cross station, I said goodbye to mum, then I looked for platform 9 and 10. I saw the barrier in between and I walked quickly towards it. Aah, I thought as I stepped through. Here I am again. In the wizarding world. Platform 9 3/4.


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