Moving in with the bully (5sos fanfiction)

When Ella's mom dies, she is forced to move in with her moms best friend. What Ella didn't know is that her moms friend was the mother of her bully, Luke Hemmings.


24. Yes.....


Ella's POV


I was walking home with my brand new puppy! I can't believe I finally got my dream dog. I brindled pit bull. Haha! Just messing with ya! This is Calum by the way, I kinda switched roles with her today because I really needed to do something! I'm going to ask her to be my wife. I hope she says ye- She's waking up. I got to go. 

I woke up with Calum at my feet. 

"What are you doing in my room?" I asked him. 

"Oh, nothing. The usual. Just chilling with my wi- I mean girlfriend." That sounded suspicious. I just blew it off. 

"Whatever, let me sleep, though! I need my rest." I told him. 

"Oh no you don't," He said. And with that, I was on the ground, face first. 

"I hate you." I told him. 

"No you don't, but come on. I have to take you somewhere." He said. 

Calum got out of my room so I could get dressed. I decided on a crop top with a black skirt and combat boots. I know, weird. It's my style, and if  you don't like it, then gtfo.

"Are you ready yet?" Calum asked me through the door.

"Yeah," I said while walking out. 

"Get in the car, we're going somewhere." Calum said, and with that, I was in the front seat of his car. I had no idea where we were going, so i'm going to skip the details on the really long car ride. 

~2 hours later~

We soon arrived at this amazing spot on the beach. There was a pathway lit up with candles going toward a picnic area. Calum turned to me. And he got down on one knee. 

"Ella, I love you and will never ever hurt you. Will you make me the happiest man on earth by making yourself Mrs. Hood?" He asked. I was crying, I knew I wanted to say yes, but I only managed a little whisper. I don't even know if he heard it. 

"Yes....." I said. He gave me the biggest hug ever, and a kiss on my cheek. 

"I love you." I said. 

"I love you, too."



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