Moving in with the bully (5sos fanfiction)

When Ella's mom dies, she is forced to move in with her moms best friend. What Ella didn't know is that her moms friend was the mother of her bully, Luke Hemmings.


5. Luke's Home...... Help me.

Ben and I cuddling on the couch watching Happy Gilmore. We were laughing when the tower fell. The we heard somebody come through the door, and Ben went to go and check who it was. I said okay and he got up. Next thing I knew, Luke walked into the living room . He looked at me and started walking toward me. 

"BEN!" I yelled, and he ran into the room. 

"Leave her alone, Luke," he said. 

"No, she deserves it," he told Ben. 

"Seriously dude, touch her ever again and I will call the police. And I know how much you hate them," Ben warned Luke. 

"You wouldn't, you're too scared of me to do so," Luke said. 

"Wanna bet?" Ben asked while pulling his phone out of his pocket. Luke poked me really hard, and it made me wince in pain. Next thing I knew, Ben had called the police.

911 what's your emergency? 

Hello, I need a police car out here at my place. My brother keeps hurting, my, uh.... girlfriend. 

Okay, what's your address? 

I'm sorry I can't give that out, but I will tell you that it is Luke Hemmings house. From 5 Seconds Of Summer. 

Okay, they are on their way

And within seconds, there was a knock at the door. Ben answered it and the police walked in and put Luke in handcuffs. Luke and Ben's mom walked through the door, considering she worked at the police station, and lived here, looking furious. She just gave out and let them take him away. The police had to take pictures as evidence, so it could be held against him. I was scared to press charges, so I didn't. But to my surprise, Liz did. She walked over to me. 

"Are you okay, sweetie?" She asked with concern in her eyes. 

"I'm used to it, so i'm fine," I told her, and her face went pale. 

"How long has he been doing this to you?" She was now worried. 

"Like 5 years," I told her, and she got angry and walked away. Ben walked up to me and wrapped me in his arms. His eyes were red and puffy. He had been crying.

"Are you okay, Ben?" I asked. 

"No, he shouldn't be doing this to you. You are beautiful and you don't need this. Your mom just died. You don't need all of this stuff on your plate," he said. 

"You wanna finish the movie, or go to bed?" He asked. 

"Bed sounds perfect. But can I sleep with you?" I looked up at him considering I was like a foot shorter than him. 

"Of course," he said and we walked up the stairs to his room. 


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