Moving in with the bully (5sos fanfiction)

When Ella's mom dies, she is forced to move in with her moms best friend. What Ella didn't know is that her moms friend was the mother of her bully, Luke Hemmings.


1. Death


       "Ella! I need to talk to you!" My mom yelled while I was getting dressed and ready for school.

        "What is it? It can't be that important!" I yelled.

       "Please?" She sounded scared now.... I rushed down stairs and found her in the kitchen. She looked pale. More than normal.

        "What's wrong?" 

        "Ella, there's no easy way for me to tell you this, but I have cancer. The doctors said I only had a couple more days to live."

        "But..... When you die, where will I go?" I said in between sobs. 

         "You're going to be living with my best friend, Liz. She has three sons, Luke, Jack, and Ben." She told me. Where have I heard of those names before? Oh my god....... That was my bully. 

         "I'm going to go upstairs and call Kayla," I told her and ran up the stairs as fast as I could. When I got into my room, I picked up my phone and called Kayla. She picked up on the second ring.

          Me: Kayla, my mom is dying. 

          Kayla: What are you going to do? You could stay with me.

         Me: I can't, I have to stay with LUKE.

         Kayla: WHAT? You can't! He'll kill you!

         Me: Yeah, I know. But it's for my mom, It's not my choice anymore...... My life is ruined. When I die, you can have my wallet, t.v, dresser.....


        Me: You're the one who brought it up, not me. 

        Kayla: Sorry, you know i'm stupid......

       Me: Yeah, it's fine. I have to go though. Pick me up for school in like 20 minutes and we'll talk more. 

       Kayla: Okay, byeeeee. 

         20 minutes later, Kayla picked me up and we were off to school. 


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