Moving in with the bully (5sos fanfiction)

When Ella's mom dies, she is forced to move in with her moms best friend. What Ella didn't know is that her moms friend was the mother of her bully, Luke Hemmings.


4. Awakened

"I think she's awake," I heard somebody say. I opened my eyes and there was ben sitting at the foot of my bed. 

"Her eyes are open, mom. Now what?" He was on the phone, which I am guessing, is Liz.

"What are you doing?" I asked him and he jumped. I think I scared him. 

"I'm on the phone with my mom asking what I should do with you," he told me. 

"Oh, I feel special (note the sarcasm)," I said and he just laughed. 

"Okay, will do. Bye mom," he said and hung up the phone.

"Wanna watch a movie?" He asked me. 

"Ummmm, is Luke here?" I asked, and he noticed something was wrong.

"No, he went to band practice. Why, what's wrong?" 

"Ummmm, he kinda bullies me. That's why i'm covered in bruises," when I said that he looked mad. 

"Are you okay? You look kinda mad....." I asked. 

"No, he shouldn't be hurting you. A) you're beautiful, and B) it's illegal. It kind of makes me mad," he looked at the door with anger in his eyes. I decided to change the subject so I asked, 

"How about that movie?" He smiled, took my hand, and we walked down stairs. I have to admit, they have a really nice house. I think i'm going to like it here.

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