The Test


1. Prologue

The test comes every year on June 23rd, for students in their last year of high school or secondary school.

The test isn't really seen as a big deal. It's slipped in between all the other exam papers. It looks like an unofficial unacademic exam paper. You tick what you do like and leave out what you don't like. Really, it's just like a pop quiz.

Only it's not. Not really. The test controls your whole life.

The results of your test show who you're most compatible with, the one who you'll spend the rest of your life with. 

The test itself is said to look simple, but is actually incredibly complex. The examiners go to great lengths to make sure that each so-and-so couple is perfect for each other. If they're too alike, they won't be matched together. If they're too unalike, they will most definitely not be matched with each other. They have to get everything just right.

You're not controlled by the test. You don't have to marry or mate with your chosen companion, but you risk losing all contact with your family, friends and being boycotted by them for the rest of your life if you choose someone you are not compatible with. Also, no-one really sees why you don't just go with your chosen mate. The test states that 99% of those who go with their mate will never experience heartbreak or domestic abuse. You'll live a safe life. Nothing will ever take a turn for the worst. You'll be safe.

June 23rd is tomorrow. Tomorrow I will hopefully pass my exams.

Tomorrow I will find my soulmate

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