Overdose (EXO FANFIC)

I feel trapped. "How are you doing this?"
She laughs before wrapping her arms around my neck. "Simply."
I want to pull away. I want to let go but I don't. I let my heart take over as I pull her closer.
"You make me feel—"


1. chapter 1


"Sehun, look out!"

I turned my head as fast as I could but it was too late. The boys and I were practicing a couple tricky dance moves and the one I was currently working on was extremely difficult. I lost my balance and hurled forward into someone.

"Are you okay?" I look down to see a girl. I've never seen her around the SM studios before. She must be new.

I help her up and she nods. "I'm fine. Sorry I got in your way." She looks over my shoulder and squints her eyes.

"Which one of you is Baekhyun?"

Baekhyun looks up from his phone and points to himself.

"You're needed in the office, now."

Everyone ohs at him as he gets up and leaves the room. I turned back to the girl.

"Are you sure you're alright?" I ask worriedly. I must have hit her hard.

She smiles. "Don't worry about me. Worry about improving that dance move." She gives me a look before walking out of the room.

"What was that all about?" Kai asks me when he's sure that she's gone. I shrug. "I'm not sure."


"I'll see you guys later." We all wave before leaving in different directions. I start walking to my car but notice someone trying to open their car but their hands were full.

"Hey, let me help you." The person turns around. She's that same girl from today. The same girl that I crashed into.

"Thanks. I have a lot of filing to do tonight." She tells me as she hands me a stack of papers. I watch as she opens her car door and places the bags in.

"Files? Do you work at SM entertainment?" I ask. She laughs. "Sort of. I'm just a intern. But I've been getting a lot done so I may actually get the job."

She takes the papers from my arms and grins. "Thanks again uh—" she pauses. "Sehun." I tell her.

She nods. "Sehun. Nice to meet you, again. I'm Kat."

"The pleasure is mine." I bow respectfully as she laughs. Her laugh is extremely adorable.

"I guess I'll see you around." She tells me before getting into her car. I wave as she drives off.

I start walking back to my car and start the long drive home as my mind replays Kats sweet laugh over add over again.

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