Bella acted like a normal girl but little did anyone know she was broken on the inside.She would cut her self but no one would care.She tried to commit suicide twice but no one would care.She would get beat but no one would care.Until the new kid showed up.His name was Luke.He helped Calum stand up for him self and get the love of his life back but first need to fix the scars she had both emotional and physical.But would he be able to fix her broken heart and save her from the monsters inside of her before it was to late?


8. chapter 8

Bella's P.O.V

It was the day I hated most.Monday.As me and Calum walked into the school hand and hand I felt everyone starring at me.Even thought I could hear them I knew they were whispering about me."Oh hey Bella or should I call you slut" Kasey said."Kasey are you serious we're suppose to be best friends" I asked her."I thought the same thing then you had sex with my brother and then got back with your ex now your a slut" she told me.That really hurt me.Kasey was aways there for me and never said things like that.I let go of Calum hand and ran to my house.My dad wasn't there so I was safe.I went up to the bathroom and cut my wrist repeatedly each time deeper then the last till I was getting light headed.The last thing I remembered was Calum calling my name then running before I blacked out.

Calum's P.O.V

No how could I let her do this.Luke called an ambulance while held Liz."Please don't die on me" I told her."I lost you once,I don't want to lose you again.After about 15 minuets the ambulance took Liz to the hospital while Luke and I followed in my car.At the hospital Liz was rushed to the ER and we were stuck in the waiting room.About and hour later the doctor finally came out."Are you here for Miss Spain" he asked."Yeah" me and Luke said in unison."Well she lost a lot of blood and there is an odd of her surviving" he told us.My body went numb.I couldn't feel anything.I couldn't say anything.What were you suppose to do when the love of your life your whole world has an odd chance of surviving?

A/N:I will be making a sequel to this called Fix me if you want to check it out.


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