Bella acted like a normal girl but little did anyone know she was broken on the inside.She would cut her self but no one would care.She tried to commit suicide twice but no one would care.She would get beat but no one would care.Until the new kid showed up.His name was Luke.He helped Calum stand up for him self and get the love of his life back but first need to fix the scars she had both emotional and physical.But would he be able to fix her broken heart and save her from the monsters inside of her before it was to late?


6. chapter 6

My dad ended up walking away so I dragged myself up the stairs to my room.I sat in my window seat and stared out the window crying.

Luke's P.O.V

I was sitting in the window of my new room when I saw Bella sitting across from me crying I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote "are you ok" then showed it to her.She grabbed a piece of paper and wrote "no I hate my life" and showed me.She then pulled out her phone and called some one then she wrote "meet me at Calum's house in 15" before she climbed out the window and got in Calum's car.I noticed she had a slight limb as she walked.I need to find out what happened.

Calum's P.O.V

After Bella got in my car she gave me a quick peck on the lips."You ok babe" I asked.I noticed that she had a cut on her lips and was starting to get a black eye I looked down her arms and saw lots of bruises and her usual bracelets that she always wore.Before ask why she always wore them but her dad came out yelling for her to get back in the house or else.She looked scared so I started the car and drove away.

Bella's P.O.V

I am going to be in so much trouble when I get back."Bella what happened why are you covered in bruises" Calum asked me."I'll explain when we get to your house so I can tell you and Luke" I told him."Whatever you want love" he said back."Calum if you still loved me and everything then why did you brake up will me" I asked him.He pulled over to the side of the road."The only reason I broke up with was because Michael liked you and you turned him down so he decided if he didn't get what he wanted the no one could" he told me."Oh ok" I told him."Your just ok with that" he asked."No I just was expecting something like that from Michael but can we just go please" I asked him."Ok" he said starting the car again.

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