Bella acted like a normal girl but little did anyone know she was broken on the inside.She would cut her self but no one would care.She tried to commit suicide twice but no one would care.She would get beat but no one would care.Until the new kid showed up.His name was Luke.He helped Calum stand up for him self and get the love of his life back but first need to fix the scars she had both emotional and physical.But would he be able to fix her broken heart and save her from the monsters inside of her before it was to late?


5. chapter 5

I woke up at 6 A.M from 27 missed calls from my dad.Crap I really need to get home.Luckly it was Saturday so I didn't have school but when I got home my dad was awake and angrier then ever."Where were you little bitch" my dad yelled at me as I walked though the door."At a friends house" I answered trying not to be scared."And why didn't you tell me" he said stepping closer I could smell the alcohol in his breath."I forgot to" I told him before I knew it he slapped me.I winced in pain but stood tall holding the tears in which was a bad decision."Oh you think your so tuff" he said punching me knowing that I would have a black eye but I still stood there.He then kept on punching me.Eventually I fell.He then started kicking me.I closed my eyes and hoped it would all be over soon.I was wishing at that moment that I could die at least I would be will my mom.

A/N:Hey I feel really bad for kids who go through this.My real dad was abusive toward my mom and sister but it wasn't that bad.And also if you read some of my other stories a noticed two things that my main character always had a best friend named ether Violet or Kasey or that the main character's mother had died in my stories those things came from my life.My best friend Violet is Violet or Kasey and my mom died when I was 10.

Love you all!!!! 💚💚💚💚


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