Bella acted like a normal girl but little did anyone know she was broken on the inside.She would cut her self but no one would care.She tried to commit suicide twice but no one would care.She would get beat but no one would care.Until the new kid showed up.His name was Luke.He helped Calum stand up for him self and get the love of his life back but first need to fix the scars she had both emotional and physical.But would he be able to fix her broken heart and save her from the monsters inside of her before it was to late?


4. chapter 4

Bella's P.O.V

What do I get myself into.Luckily Michaels parents were out of town for about three months due to business.Michael was silent till we got up to his room then he finial spoke."Are you sure you want to do this" he asked me."Yeah I'm positive" I said looking up into his green eyes.He laid me down on his bed then started kissing me down my neck taking my shirt off in the process then his shirt.He then reconnected our mouths.The next thing to come off was our pants.Then my bra.And then our underwear.He then thrusted into me letting a moan escape my lips.Leaving love bits on my neck and collar bone.That went on for an hour till Michael got a text from Ashton saying "we know your with a girl right now but me,Calum,and Luke will be there in five minuets"." Ok come on babe we got to get dressed before the guys get here" Michael said before getting out of his bed letting a wave of cold air hit me.I got my bra,underwear,and leggings on then I realized that I can't find my shirt."Crap" I said out loud."What's wrong babe" Michael asked."I can't find my shirt" I told him then there was a knock on his door."CRAP just put my shirt on" he said throwing his shirt at me and grabbing a new one from the closet."I'm just gonna take a shower" I told him."Ok come down when ever your ready he said walking out of the room as I got in the shower.

Calum's P.O.V

We were all sitting in Michaels front room while his girl was in the shower.I heard footsteps on the stairs knowing that she would be down any minuet I turned so I was facing the stairs then I saw Bella in Michael's shirt an completely lost it.Next thing I knew me and Michael were on the ground fighting till Luke and Ashton pulled us apart."What's wrong with you" Ashton asked me, "Do you not see who he was with" I yelled at them."What's wrong with that Calum" Bella asked."Oh nothing just that he has always be a jerk to you the magically you have sex when he doesn't give a fuck about anybody but himself and I'm still in love with you" I said before I realized what I just said."You know your right Calum here Michael take your shirt I'm leaving" she said taking Michael's shirt of as we stood there in awe as we saw the scars on her sides and her wrist."Bella how long have you cut for" I asked."It doesn't matter I better get home Bella said heading toward the door."Bella here take my shirt and I'll take you home" I said giving her my shirt and heading out to my car."Calum" she said braking the silence."Yeah Bella" I said back."Ever since we broke up" she told me."What do you mean by that I asked."I've been cutting ever since we broke up" she told me."Why your so beautiful you don't need to that" I told her lifting her chin with my two fingers and started leaning in closer.

Bella's P.O.V

This was taking to long so I smashed our lips together."I love you" I whispered to him."I love you too" he whispered back."I should probably get you back home now" Calum said as he stated the car and drove to my house.When we got in front of my house my dad was on the porch surrounded by beer bottles." Calum can I please stay at your house tonight I don't want to go home" I asked."Why" he asked back."My dad is drunk and he is mean when he is drunk so I don't want to be there" I told him."Ok sweetheart you can stay the night at my house" Calum told me as we left my house.When we got to his house his mom was asleep but Mali was still awake in there front room."Oh Calum's got a girlfriend and why is she wearing your shirt wait Bella is that you" she asked.Yeah Mali its me" I said back."Thought you guys broke up" she asked."Not if Bella agrees to be my girlfriend again" Calum said." I would love too" I said back.He then gave me a very passionate kiss."I'm tired lets go to bed" I told him."Ok let's go" he said bringing me up to his room.As soon as my head hit the pillow I fell asleep cuddled up to Calum.

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