Bella acted like a normal girl but little did anyone know she was broken on the inside.She would cut her self but no one would care.She tried to commit suicide twice but no one would care.She would get beat but no one would care.Until the new kid showed up.His name was Luke.He helped Calum stand up for him self and get the love of his life back but first need to fix the scars she had both emotional and physical.But would he be able to fix her broken heart and save her from the monsters inside of her before it was to late?


3. chapter 3

Bella's P.O.V

God I hate my life.Why should I even be alive?If I didn't turn down Michael would things have been different?Just then Kasey walked up snapping me out of my thoughts."Bell are you ok" she asked."Yeah I'm perfectly fine" I told her."Ok don't worry I'll kick his ask when I get home" she told me."No I'll talk to Michael" I said getting up to find Michael.

Michael's P.O.V

I was at my locker making-out with Jessica when Bella walked up."Do you want Fella" Jessica asked."I want to talk to Michael you fake ass bitch" Bella said back.Wow was she hot."Babe why don't you go over there so I can talk to Bella" I asked her."Sure just keep those lips warm" she told me."Sure thing" I said back as she walked away. "Wow I didn't know you had that in you" I told Bella."Theres a lot you don't know about me" she said putting her arms around my neck."Like what" I asked putting my hands on her waist."Like I'm an amazing Kisser" she said moving closer to me."I'll be the judge of that" I said kissing her.Eventually my hands were going down to her bum and her hands were tangled in my hair."Wow you were right you are an amazing kisser" I told her."Michael are you really cheating on my with this slut" Jessica screamed and everyone's heads turned to me and Bella my hands still and her waist and her hand still around my neck."If he was it would be an payback since I saw you making-out with Justin last week behind the bleachers" Bella said back.There was then a chorus of ohs in the crowd."You are such a little slut" Jessica shot back."Thanks I've been practicing" Bella shot back before smashing her lips to mine again. Wow did she know how to turn me on."You want to take this somewhere else" she whispered in my ear."Yeah let's go" I said picking her bridal style."Oh and by the way Jessica I'm brake up with you" I said as I walked out of the school with Bella as I passed my sister.

Kasey's P.O.V

"Michael are carrying my best friend out of the school after what just happened" I screamed at him."Oh this is awkward" Michael told me."How is this awkward" Bella asked "I mean we made-out in the hallway and I knew how to turn him on and now I'm going to go fix that" Bella told me."WHAT MY BROTHER IS GO TO GO HAVE SEX WITH MY BEST FRIEND" I screamed."Well we are going to go on leave now so bye" Michael said running to his car.

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