First and Ten

An MSU legend returns back to his old college with his daughter to help the star MSU quarterback; Harry Styles, step up his game now.

When Harry and the legends daughter hit it off, will they be able to handle the pressure of the press and reality or will they crash and burn, destroying themselves and each other, and even their futures?


8. Chapter 8

After I made the guys suffer through another practice, without even going to the locker room to change, I immediately started back for my dorm. I didn’t wait for Megan, or Roxie since she was the other girl I was closest to on the team since we both played offense on the team.
“BETHANY!” I glanced behind me as I walked away, fixing my bag. When I saw Harry chasing me down, I turned around and picked up my pace a little bit. “If you moved any quicker, I’d think you were ignoring me.” Harry said, causing me to jump a little when I realized he was standing next to me.
“Clearly I’m not trying hard enough if you only think I’m trying to avoid you.” I mumbled.
“Why are you trying to avoid me then? Can you at least give me a reason?” I stopped and looked at him, trying not to cry.
“We’re too different. Our lives are too different and they don’t mix well; in fact, they clash and it’s not something I should be around.”
“What are you talking about?”
“You’re toxic, Harry. You can get me into a lot of trouble and I’m not trying to be that person…I can’t be around you and we certainly can’t be friends.” I said, looking down the whole time, not able to make his gaze.
“How am I toxic?” You could tell without looking at him he was confused, shocked, anything along those lines.
“You just are, Harry. Please…leave me alone.” I whispered before walking away quickly. I stopped for half a second just to turn and look at him. He was still staring after me and I slowly walked back to him.
“Bethany…” Harry whispered when I reached him.
“Please just…don’t.” I whispered, kissing him quickly and then turning around and jogging back to my room without looking back.

I stood there in complete shock. I watched her jog away until I couldn’t see her anymore and I still watched nothing after I couldn’t see her anymore.
“Harry, you okay?” I turned and saw Megan standing there.
“No…I don’t think so…”
“Uh…what happened?” Megan asked slowly, obviously slightly uncomfortable since her only interaction with me was the other night when Bethany spent the night at my house.
“Am I toxic?” I asked suddenly. Megan scoffed and put all her weight on her left foot and crossed her arms.
“If you’re referring to getting her to go to a party, yeah. She can’t be around that shit…she explained everything to me so…if that’s the life you’re about and you want to be around her, then yes…you are extremely toxic and I would like it if you stayed away from her.”
“Look Harry, if she thinks you’re toxic for some reason, whether it’s the reason I’m pulling from my ass right now or not…you probably are to her. And she can’t have that in her life.”
“But I haven’t done anything wrong!”
“Are you sure about that?” Megan said before walking around me. And yet again, I watched as she walked away and for a little while longer after I could no longer see her and then started back to my dorm so I could shower after that long day of practice.

“Hey bitch!” Missy said in the phone. I had called her, in need of my best friend.
“Hey you…” I whispered sadly.
“Okay, what the hell is wrong? Who do I have to kill?” Missy asked as I walked into my dorm room.
“It’s Harry…”
“Did he hurt you?!”
“Then why do you sound so sad?”
“He’s too toxic for me, Missy…”
“Oh hell no…how did you find this out?” I explained the whole story to Missy about what happened with the party and everything and she listened intently the whole time but I could feel her own anger rising.
“…so yeah…that’s what happened.” I said, finishing my story.
“Yeah stay away from him baby. I don’t want you to get hurt again.”
“I know but he like…protected me.”
“Yeah but what if one night he just decides he doesn’t want to watch over you? I think it would be best if you just kept your distance. I know we both talked about you getting with him but maybe you shouldn’t.”  
“Missy, you’re the one who wanted me to get with him. I just slightly idolized him since he plays for my favorite football team…”
“You know what I mean though; just…be safe, okay?”
“Yeah, of course…”
“So, when are you coming home for a visit?” Missy asked, changing the subject.
“I haven’t even been here a week, Missy! What do you mean come home for a visit?!”
“Okay well, being here isn’t the same without my best friend! It’s weird suffering through community college with people you only associated with hen you were in high school and barely hung out with unless you were with me! I need my best friend here!”
“Trust me, I wish you could be here with me. I hope you can transfer here after community so at least you’ll be with me for a couple years.”
“I hope so too…now look, I have to go; my class is about to start and I just decided to leave my car now. I’ll call you later, okay?”
“Yeah, sure. Love you.”
“Bye bitch.” Missy said into the phone, and I knew by how she said t, she had her signature smirk on her face. I smiled and hung up the phone and gathered my stuff and walked into the bathroom to shower.

“What are we doing tonight?” Niall asked once we reached our dorm room.
“I heard there’s a party on the other side of campus; you up for it?”
“Oh hell yes!” Niall said excitedly. “You look out of it; are you all good?” Niall said after a slight pause.
“Yeah, why?”
“Well after you ran after Bethany after practice and then when you got back here you looked really out of it. Is everything okay with you two?”
“What do you mean ‘us too’? There never was an ‘us’.”
“You sure you’re okay?”
“Why wouldn’t I be?” I asked, looking over at Niall as I started heading for our bathroom.
“Alright…” Niall said slowly before I closed the bathroom door. The thing was, I was far from okay. I wanted to know why she thought the way she did. I wanted to change her mind about me. I wanted to go back the day we started talking on the bench, and not even ask her to the stupid party.

When I got out of the shower, Megan was sitting on her bed. She half smiled at me as I walked over to my bed, brushing my hair.
“How are you feeling? I saw you and Harry talking after our joint practice.”
“We aren’t really friends…not that we really ever were. We technically only talked a couple times and hung out like once.”
“He’s really upset about you, you know.”
“Megan, I told you…he’s toxic to me. I can’t have that kind of influence in my life. As much as I would love to be around him, I really can’t.”
“Trust me, I understand. But have you even explained to him why you think like that?”
“No…that’s not his business. That’s my business.”
“How is he supposed to prove to you he isn’t toxic if you won’t even tell him why he is to you?”
“Because he doesn’t need to prove anything. The other night was enough for me to stay away.”
“Even if he could change for you?” Megan asked. I shrugged and looked down.
“I doubt he would. He’s a typical college athlete.”
“They’re not all the same, you know. They aren’t all like Jeremy.”
“I don’t want to hear his name.” I whispered before I went to put my brush back and crawl into bed to sleep the rest of my night away even though it was still early.
“Hey, I’m going out.” Megan said after about a half hour.
“What?” I mumbled, half asleep. 
“There’s a party across campus; I’m going. I’ll see you later, alright? I’ll try not to wake you up when I get back, okay?”
“That’s fine.” I whispered. After a few minutes, I heard the door open and close and I knew at that point, I was alone.              

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