First and Ten

An MSU legend returns back to his old college with his daughter to help the star MSU quarterback; Harry Styles, step up his game now.

When Harry and the legends daughter hit it off, will they be able to handle the pressure of the press and reality or will they crash and burn, destroying themselves and each other, and even their futures?


6. Chapter 6

“So are you going to tell me why you just stormed out of Harrys’ dorm like that?” Megan asked, confused.
“He brought me to a fucking party and I almost got hurt!”
“Yeah, key word almost…he made sure nothing happened to you!”
“It doesn’t matter, Megan!”
“Beth, do you understand that he stayed sober all night for you, just to make sure you were safe? He’s Harry Styles…you’ve clearly heard about him. He doesn’t date, he doesn’t fuck around with people and on our first day at college, he asks you out on a date and watches over you! And he watched over you voluntarily, no less!”
“That’s not the point…” I said after a long pause.
“Then what is the point? Because from my point of view, he sees something in you to make him technically take you out on a date when that boy hasn’t looked at a girl in two years.”
“I almost got hurt; that’s the point.”
“But you didn’t! Harry took care of it, and you’re still okay!” I knew Megan had a point but that didn’t change the fact that I did something out of my comfort zone and literally the first time I do something like that, I almost get hurt. There was no way I could be around someone who does that to me. Even if he was the same one that protected me. He was also the one that brought me into that situation.
After me and Megan made it back to our dorm, I showered and changed to go to the gym to find my dad so we could work out together. As I was making my way there though, people started looking at me, smiling, and waving. That meant to me that people were starting to find out who I was; my luck. I just kept my head down and quickly walked to where my dad would be.
“DAD?!” I called through the gym. When I pushed the hood off my head and looked up, I noticed that he was with the whole football team. “Oh…sorry…”
“Sweetie! Are you okay?!” My dad pushed through them and walked up to me, grabbing my shoulders.
“Yeah, I’m good; why?”
“Megan came looking for me this morning when you didn’t go back to the dorm last night.”
“I spent the night at Harry’s.” At that moment, you heard all the hoots and hollers from all the guys, cheering Harry on. “You’re all immature assholes.” I yelled behind my dad. I pushed around my dad and started walking towards the team, looking at them. “I have a question, dad…” I said slowly.
“What’s that dear?” My dad sounded very confused but I was okay with that.
“Which one is Jeremy?”
“Number 32.” Harry and my dad said at the same time. Everyone moved and I saw him standing in the middle. He was smirking at me and I just walked right up to him. You could tell he was the whore of the team; thinking he was the shit.
“So this is the bastard that tried to hurt me last night…” I said slowly.
“Watch yourself missy, you came onto me last night.” He said, all cocky like.
“No…I wouldn’t do something like that; drunk or not.”
“Sweetie, what are you saying?”
“Well, have you poked Harry in the ribs recently? Or even seen him shirtless for that matter?”
“Uh…no?” My dad said. “Have you?”
“Yeah, but not for those reasons dad; calm down.” I tilted my head again at Jeremy. “But Harry protected me last night from this asshole because he tried to come onto me and I said no. He didn’t like my answer too well.”
“Excuse me?” My dad said, walking closer. “Is there proof of this?”
“I don’t see why there wouldn’t be. It’s college…there’s probably videos of them fighting somewhere.” I said, shrugging it off. I glanced at Harry and he caught my eyes almost immediately and it looked like he was about to start crying. “Yeah I think I’m going for a run to burn some steam.”
“I think we’ll all join you.” My dad said, smirking at me, knowing exactly what I was getting at.
“You think they can keep up with me?” I looked at my dad, smirking back at him.
“I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?”
“I think we will.” I smiled at my dad and winked at him as he winked back.
“Alright boys, follow her. Jeremy; you can run next to me. And if anyone stops for a break without Bethany doing so, you get to run an extra mile.” My dad announced. All the guys smirked, thinking they knew what they were getting into.
“Alright boys…let’s go.” I turned around and slipped my sweatshirt over my head, showing that I was only in a sport bra and slipped my sweatpants off, showing spandex shorts which got a lot of whistles from the guys. “I’d watch who you whistle at; both Harry and my dad are here.” I pointed out before I took off in a fast paced run. You could tell off the bat that they weren’t used to starting off fast; but with me, that’s all you got.

Me being the captain, I was supposed to be in front of the team, which I was. I was trying to run next to Bethany but she literally sprinted away and then continued to sprint. I don’t know how the hell she did it, but if her dad had her show up at every practice for the next few weeks, I think we will all drop dead before our first game. She was literally a crazy athlete; it was insane. I think the part of why I’m slightly attracted to her is because she takes sports just as serious as me, if not more.
“KEEP UP!” Bethany yelled at us, making us groan in pain. You could tell she was smiling to herself. I’m glad she sound this hysterical. But after what happened last night, I’m not surprised she came in here and called Jeremy out. He needed to be called out on his shit but I bet he probably didn’t even take it seriously. I glanced behind me and saw Bethany’s dad literally on Jeremy’s ass, so I knew he took the accusation seriously and I knew he would handle it. Though, my major concern though, was what would happen after her dad left? What would she do then?

After about two hours of running around campus, you could tell the guys were in some serious pain. I didn’t slow down one bit or give them any form of break during that run.
“Alright, welcome back to your gym.” I said as we reached the gym doors. All the guys literally either immediately hunched over in pain or actually fell to the ground in pain. The only person who was okay was my dad. He walked over and gave me a sweaty hug and all.
“I think you wore them out.”
“I think so too. Too bad that was only the warm up.” They all looked up at me and then my dad.
“I think she’s going to run this practice boys; I’m just here to supervise.” My dad said. I giggled and hugged him as all the guys groaned again. 

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