First and Ten

An MSU legend returns back to his old college with his daughter to help the star MSU quarterback; Harry Styles, step up his game now.

When Harry and the legends daughter hit it off, will they be able to handle the pressure of the press and reality or will they crash and burn, destroying themselves and each other, and even their futures?


5. Chapter 5

~~I woke up the next morning in a dorm room that wasn’t even mine. I looked around, rubbing my eyes, confused. I looked down and saw Harry asleep on the floor and his friend Niall in the bed on the other side of the room.
“Morning.” I sat up even more and saw Niall looking at me.
“I said good morning.” Niall said, smirking at me.
“Oh…good morning.” I felt a little dizzy with a slight headache. I was confused because the last thing I remember was sitting outside with Harry, but I don’t remember consuming a lot of alcohol.
“You don’t remember last night at all, do you?” Niall asked. I shook my head, propping myself up on Harry’s pillows. “You should ask Harry about it when he gets up.” Niall said with a serious look on his face, which scared me.
“Is it bad…?” I was getting worried and Niall got up and kicked Harry, making him groan.
“What the fuck, Ni?” Harry groaned.
“Beth is awake.” Harry shot out off the floor, and I instantly got a bad feeling. He had a black eye and a few bruises on his chest.
“What happened last night…?” I whispered.
“Some kid tried to take advantage of you.” Harry said, looking down.
“Did he?!” I asked, getting worried.
“No.” Harry said. “I took care of it. But if I were you, stay clear of Jeremy from the football team.” Harry mumbled.
“Wait…how did this happen?”
“He knows who you are; a lot of people do now.”
“How did that happen?”
“The whole football team knew; did you expect it to stay quite?” Niall asked.
“Well no, but…”
“Bethany, its fine. Nothing happened to you.” Harry said as I started to curl up in a ball on Harry’s bed. “I told you I would watch over you.” Harry got off the floor, but not without wincing, and sat next to me. As if it was instinct, I leaned over and curled myself into his body.

She looked scared; vulnerable, but thankful all at the same time. I had a feeling the last time she went to a party like this something did happen which was why she didn’t go in the first place but it wasn’t my place to ask so I kept quiet. I just wrapped my arms around her and hoped it was enough.

“MR. WALKER!” I screamed, running up to Bethany’s dad, worried sick since she didn’t come home last night.
“Can I help you?” He asked, turning around.
“Hi, I’m Bethany’s roommate and she didn’t come home last night; do you know where she could possibly be?” A look of worry came over his face.
“I mean, she texted me telling me she was going to the athletics party last night with Harry but I don’t know if he…try him. If she isn’t there, I’ll be right here.” I nodded and bolted back across campus to where Harry’s dorm would be.
When I found it, I was pounding on the door, hoping to god she was in here. I stood at the door for what seemed like an eternity, when Harry finally opened the door.
“Megan…?” He asked, confused.
“WHERE THE HELL IS BETHANY?!” I screamed in his face. He pulled me into the dorm and shushed me, closing the door behind me. When I saw her assed out on what looked to be Harry’s bed, and with tear stains on her cheeks, I got worried. “What the actual fuck did you do to her?!” I demanded to know. But when I looked up at his face, I realized he was the one who took care of her. “Wait…what happened?”
“It’s a long story but I finally just got her to go back to sleep.” Harry sighed, sitting back down on the floor.
“What happened though…she told me she didn’t do parties…”
“She told me the same thing; but I asked her to go with my anyway. I told her I would take care of her in case something happened.”
“Did you?” I asked after a long pause.
“No one was able to even get near her.” Harry sighed, sounding exhausted. I looked back over at her, and she looked frightened, even in her sleep.
“She still looks scared.” Harry looked up at her and sighed. He stood up and walked over to the bed and pulled her into his arms and all of a sudden, she didn’t look scared anymore; almost like she knew she was safe.
After I knew she was okay, I stepped out of the room for a few minutes to call her dad and let him know she was okay. Afterwards, I went back into the room and waited for her to wake up. Harry said she had been asleep since he told her what happened, almost like it was a defensive mechanism.

I had fallen back asleep in bed with Bethany and Megan had fallen asleep on the floor next to us, and Niall had left, not really caring too much. I started to feel movements next to me which was when I started waking up. I opened my eyes and saw Bethany awake next to me.
“Welcome back.” I whispered to her. She looked at me, still with fear in her eyes.
“Don’t make me do that ever again.” She whimpered.
“I swear I won’t.” I said, trying to pull her close to me but she pushed me away.
“I need to go.” She hopped off the bed, making Megan wake up. Megan jumped, watching Bethany as she grabbed her shoes and bag and then walked out. Megan looked at me, then after Bethany, and chased after her. I was just too dumbfounded to even know what just happened.

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