First and Ten

An MSU legend returns back to his old college with his daughter to help the star MSU quarterback; Harry Styles, step up his game now.

When Harry and the legends daughter hit it off, will they be able to handle the pressure of the press and reality or will they crash and burn, destroying themselves and each other, and even their futures?


17. Chapter 17

Friday was here…I was going to my first class of the day, just wanting this week to be over already. It was a long week, I had three classes to get through today, one scrimmage, and then…the big date. I feel like it was more nerve wracking than it should have been, or at least I shouldn’t feel so nervous.
“You look stressed and nervous?” I looked over and saw Darren had joined me.
“Uh just a little.”
“About the scrimmage or your big date with Harry tonight?”
“Jesus Christ…uh all of the above?”
“Well look at it this way, your dad will leave in like a week and then you’re free and can go crazy instead of sitting in your stress.”
“Coming from the wallflower who doesn’t do anything that qualifies as crazy.” I joked.
“You have a point…but I feel like you’ve been holding back quite a bit.”
“Yeah…part my dad, part me trying to be smart and safe. Especially since I feel like a lot of the time I’m being followed or watched.”
“Is this still about the Jeremy situation?”
“If you haven’t noticed, he’s going for a business major, nothing that should be anywhere the theatre district of campus, and yet he is always fucking there.”
“You’re being paranoid. You know me and Harry wouldn’t let anything happen to you.”
“I know you guys wouldn’t let anything bad happen to me but I still have this uneasy feeling about him.”
“Well who wouldn’t after what he tried to do?” Darren pointed out.
“Thank you for reminding me.”
“Sorry…I suck with words.”
“For someone so smart you really do suck with words.”
“I know, I’m sorry. I gotta go though; my class is down past the river.”
“Yup, see you later.” I said. I continued to walk to class, half debating skipping for the first time this year but…my daughter sense kicked in, remembering my dad was on campus and somehow knew fucking everything.

“Are you nervous for your date after the scrimmage?” Liam asked me.
“Why the hell would I be nervous?” I asked.
“I don’t know…first date since you’ve been here. I don’t know, I would probably feel nervous.”
“You aren’t really one to talk. You have Leslie…you don’t need to have that kind of pressure on you.” I pointed out.
“Well yeah but I remember the first time I asked her out.”
“Yeah, both freshman on campus, both from different places…”
“Okay it was still nerve wracking. I wasn’t as focused as you were and still are on sports and getting a good degree. I mean, I want my degree still but I wasn’t just focused on that. I knew this was my whole life, this place and what I did here would determine what the rest of my life was going to be. It wasn’t all just grades and sports to me, it was about my life. You never used to see it that way.”
“When I got here I was strictly focused on football and grades. It made the first few years here make sense to me, it made me realize it was what I wanted. Then it became all about my name…everyone wanted to date me or be my friend here because my name was Harry Styles. When Bethany got here, it was like having someone who understood all of that. So yes, it is scary finally going out with someone for the first time since high school. Is that the answer you wanted?”
“Only if it was the truth.” I stayed quiet; we both knew it was the truth but we also both knew it didn’t need to be said out loud. We finished getting ready for the scrimmage as I found my mind wandering to Bethany and how her scrimmage had gone. Her scrimmage had started about an hour ago so it would be almost over at this point. I kept wondering how she had done, how she was doing…
“You ready for this? Only two more games left.” Niall said, walking up as we prepared to go out of the tunnel.
“More than ready.” I looked up and saw Bethany’s dad standing next to me which made me feel like there was something up.
“How did Bethany do?” I finally asked.
“She’s keeping true to her word…she got a hat trick again.” I smiled and nodded. “You’re taking her out tonight?”
“Uh yes sir.”
“Take good care of her while I’m gone, got it?” I looked over at him, not sure how to take that.
“Uh yes sir, I will.”
“Can I ask how you knew that, sir?”
“She told me. I don’t think I would want her around anyone else.”
“Thank you sir.”
“Don’t be thanking me. He way you can thank me is to continue to focus on your grades and football just like I want her to stay focused on her grades and soccer. But, I know you’re serious about it and I know she’s serious about this for herself. Hold each other up, keep each other at the standard you’ve already made for yourselves.”
“I can do that sir.”
“Good…lead your team out.” I nodded and heard our team get announced and led them out of the tunnel.

“Why are you running?!” Megan yelled after me, trying to keep up.
“Harry’s scrimmage just started! I want to make it there!”
“Hold the fuck up, I want to come!” We ran out of the locker room, still in our uniforms and to the football stadium a few blocks away.
“Side line, please.” I said once we got to the gate.”
“Walker, huh?” The guy said.
“Yes sir.”
“Your dad said you would be coming. He didn’t say anything about a friend though.”
“Come on, seriously?”
“Fine…but if there are any problems, it’s on you.”
“Thank you!” I said as he let us in the gate and pointed us to the sideline tunnel.
“You made it!” My dad said as he saw me and Megan approach.
“Hell yeah! Side line passes; wouldn’t miss this for the world!”
“Well talk some god damn sense into your fucking boyfriend.” My dad said, suddenly frustrated.
“What happened?”
“He’s slipping. Two dropped passes, two interceptions already, and sacked four times.”
“Fuck…why is he throwing the ball against these guys? Where the hell is the run game?!” I demanded as my dad showed me replays.
“That’s my girl.”
“FUCK!” I looked over as I saw Harry reach the sidelines, throwing his helmet down on the bleachers.
“Fucking fix it. I know I’ll start screaming.” My dad grumbled. I smirked, knowing my dad trusted my instinct. I had watched football for so long that I could tell which plays were going to get run and when…my dad always called it my superpower.
“COACH!” I ran up to the head coach and that’s when I caught everyone’s attention.
“They’re going to do a long pass…you need guys deeper up the field.”
“Excuse me?”
“JUST DO IT!” My dad screamed. The coach nodded and motioned from the sidelines for a play change, which the defense got and delivered with perfectly, forcing a fumble and gaining possession of the ball.
“YES!” I screamed. I was jumping up and down and screaming with Megan right next to me
“How did you know that?” Coach asked me.
“It’s my superpower.” I joked. Coach looked over at my dad and my dad nodded and smiled.
“Trust her, she knows what she’s talking about.” Coach nodded and that’s when I got a glimpse of Harry looking at me. I smiled and nodded, not making a scene.
“Run the ball.” I said.
“Excuse me?” Coach asked me, yet again.
“Their pass defense is insane, but the few times you ran the pass, you got more than 3 yards, yes? So run the ball…” Coach nodded again and made the hand signals. Again the players listened and delivered.
“FUCK YEAH!” I screamed again! Megan started screaming next to me, just as excited as I was.
“FIRST DOWN!” You heard the announcer yell through the speakers.
“Run it…” I said again.
“Again?” Coach asked.
“One more time…” I said. Coach nodded, signal were given, and it was run in for a touchdown. I screamed, again. My dad was smiling as he watched me call the plays.
“So you weren’t kidding, huh?” Harry said as he made his way to the sidelines.
“About what?” I asked over the screaming fans.
“You really do like football.”
“I wouldn’t lie about some shit like that.” I said, smiling. Harry smiled at me and shook his head.
“Damn…did I get fucking lucky or what?” Megan and I started laughing as Harry went and rejoined his teammates.

We ended up winning our scrimmage, all thanks to Bethany. I didn’t think she was serious when she said she loved football or said she knew it as well as she did but she sure as hell proved me wrong. Back in the locker room, everyone was all hyped up and asking me and her dad where Bethany was so they could give her the game ball.
After the pep talk and after a quick shower, I changed backed into my clothes and made my way out of the stadium. I saw Bethany waiting here for me without Megan. She smiled and waved when she saw me as everyone was patting my back and congratulating me on their way out as well.
“Hey you…” I said.
“I got something for you.”
“Oh?” She looked confused as I pulled the game ball out of my bag.
“The team wanted to give this to you. Coach did as well. I don’t think any of them have seen something as impressive as a girl on the sidelines winning a game for them.” She laughed as she took the football from my hands.
“Well, never underestimate a girl who loves her sports.”
“Yeah I don’t think I can ever do that again. You have proved something huge today.”
“I didn’t know I needed to prove my knowledge and love for sports to you.”
“Oh, you didn’t.” I said. “But to any guy it’s kind of difficult to believe a girl when she says she loves sports because so many girls say it just to impress a guy.”
“Well you would think with my name it wouldn’t be so hard to believe.”
“Well played, Walker…well played.” She laughed as I put my arm around her shoulders. “So do you still want to go out tonight? It’s sort of late since the locker room celebration went long.”
“I want to do whatever you want to do.” She said.
“God, put me on the spot like that. Now I’m the one who looks like an asshole no matter what I say.”
“We both just played hard games, hard teams, it’s been a long week…I wouldn’t take offensive to any answer you give me.”
“Rain check and do it tomorrow?” I said after hesitating.
“Why the hell are you hesitating? I’m fine with tomorrow. We both won big games today…I’m good with a nice drink and celebrating. We can do our date tomorrow.” Bethany said, as we walked away from the stadium.
“You aren’t upset?” I asked, surprised.
“Don’t sound so surprised. I’m not like every other girl out there you know.”
“You just keep proving that to me more and more.” I pointed out, smiling.
“So, beers at the after parties? I think that sounds like a damn good first date.” Bethany finally said.
“You know…I think that sounds fantastic.” I said. She laughed as we made our way to the after party with no other stop than her dorm to change and for me to put my bag down.

“GIRL WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” Megan yelled, already fairly plastered when Harry and I walked in.  
“This is our first date.” I said, laughing.
“After the games…this seemed fitting.”
“After you won the game for the team, both teams, hell yes it is!” Niall yelled, walking over, drinks in hand. He gave on to me and one to Harry and we both accepted. “HEY EVERYONE….WALKER GIRL HAS ARRIVED!”
“WALKEEEEERRRR!” Everyone screamed. Everyone from the football team ran over and lifted me up; cliché, yes, but it was happening. I was laughing and smiling, so happy.
When I was finally put down, I made my way back to Harry. He was smiling and laughing, waiting for me to make my way back. I walked up to him and just pulled him into my arms, kissing him long and hard and when I pulled away everyone was cheering. I started laughing all over again and dug my face into his chest.
“You want to get out of here?” Harry asked once the cheering died down.
“Yeah…I wouldn’t mind that.” I said. Harry smiled and grabbed my hand as we walked out of there. We were walking along the river just holding hands.
“So…” Harry said.
“Is that all you have to say?” I asked.
“What would you like me to say?”
“I don’t know. You didn’t seem to have anything to say after I kissed you.”
“Was I supposed to say something?” I shrugged, not sure what to say.
“Did it bother you?”
“Bethany…hold on…” Harry stopped walking and turned me so I was looking at him face to face. “Are you upset that I didn’t say anything? Are you upset that I didn’t pull you back for another one?”
“I don’t know. It was a lot of adrenaline…I just did it and you didn’t really react.”
“Do you need to try it again?”
“Harry come on…” Before I could finish he pulled me so close our bodies were touching. He pushed the hair out of my face and kissed me…kissed me like it was going to be his last. When he pulled away, I felt almost breathless.
“Is that a good response?” Harry joked. I couldn’t help but to smile and laugh softly.
“Yeah, it was a pretty good response.”
“Good.” Harry grabbed my hand and we kept walking. “So…favorite color?”
“Excuse me?” I asked.
“I asked what your favorite color was.” Harry said, almost way too seriously.
“Uhm I guess purple or red.”
“I like blue and green.” Harry said. I looked at him, sort of confused. “Why are you looking at me like that?”
“I’m just really confused.”
“About what?” Harry asked.
“Why you asked such a random question.”
“Well…we were supposed to go on a date and get to know each other. So this is our getting to know each other time and we decided to do our date tomorrow.”
“Ah…I see. So do you prefer movies or a good book?”
“Definitely the movies. I don’t have the patience to read a book. I’m guessing you would pick a good book over the movies though.”
“Oh good guess…and a right one too. I enjoy going to the movies but I like books a hell of a lot more.”
“I could’ve guessed that just based off the few times I’ve seen you out here reading. Okay so…sweat pants or jeans?”
“No pants.” Harry almost choked from my answer.
“Excuse me?”
“I’m not a fan of any pants. It’s normally why I’m always wearing leggings or sweatpants. I don’t really like jeans. I don’t even remember the last time I wore a pair of jeans.”
“Well good to know.”
“What about you?” I asked.
“I prefer sweatpants for loungewear but I try to wear jeans out. I don’t always do that though.”
“Yeah, I think that is what normal people say.”
“Yeah sure, okay. Okay so…what’s your favorite holiday and why?”
“I’ve always liked Christmas or the Fourth of July.”
“Why?” Harry asked.
“I’ve always loved fireworks…and I like the idea of everyone getting together and celebrating. I like Christmas because my family always made it fun. We all made breakfast together, opened gifts together, watched football…it was always just so much fun. Even when times were rough and money was tight, my parents still always made the day just as magical, if not more, than the last Christmas.”
“That sounds really nice.”
“What’s your favorite holiday?”
“Why? For the food?” I joked.
“The food, the family time…the only time my family actually gets together and gets along. The football, and obviously the food.”
“What do you mean the only time everyone gets along?”
“That’s how my family is.” Harry sighed as we kept walking. We continued to walk in silence. I could tell he didn’t really want to talk about it so I left it at that. We continued to talk and learn the small stuff about each other; the things that would seem insignificant to most people, but meant a lot to at least to us. 


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