First and Ten

An MSU legend returns back to his old college with his daughter to help the star MSU quarterback; Harry Styles, step up his game now.

When Harry and the legends daughter hit it off, will they be able to handle the pressure of the press and reality or will they crash and burn, destroying themselves and each other, and even their futures?


16. Chapter 16

About a week later, Harry and I were sitting in the library doing out homework after practice. Both of us had begun to stress out because I'm two weeks pre season would be over and the regular season will begin. I mean, if that isn't nerve wracking, I don't know what is. Practices had gotten harder and longer, school work became more difficult, and keeping a social life was difficult if I still wanted sleep. My social life was basically non existent at this point. I just wanted to sleep all the time, however I still tried to make time for my friends outside of soccer; Harry, Darren, Zuri, and Jaqlyn, the two girls I met in my theatre class that I had grown to like. Though it was hard, I made it work…somehow. 
“So…you seem busier than you did the first week of school.” Harry pointed out, breaking the silence. 
“Yeah, just a little. The work has been picking up so I'm kinda happy I got a head start on some of the work or I'd be totally screwed now. So I mean…plus side of you being late sometimes.” I tried to joke and smile, but I don't know if it even sounded funny. 
“So here's a question…are you happy your dad is going to leave in a couple weeks?” 
“I have to be honest, yeah I am. I didn't want to spend my whole college career with him here. At first it was nice because it kind of helped me adjust but now it's just weird. I mean, my dad here on campus…I don’t know. It's just awkward now. I feel like I have to watch my every move because I feel like he will find out everything I do.” 
“Yeah that has to be nerve wracking. College isn't exactly the time to be innocent.” Harry half joked. 
“No it isn't that, it's just like…when I do want to go to a party, I feel like my dad will find out, if I do want to skip a class one day, I feel like he will find out…I just don't want to feel like he's breathing over my shoulder all the time.” 
“That makes sense. It has to be sort of awkward for you. I've noticed you haven't been all about seeing him before practice anymore, that's why I asked.” 
“No it's okay. I don't mind. As long as this conversation doesn't make it back to him.” 
“I promise you, that won't happen.” Harry assured me. I smiled in response and turned back to my work. 
I was at the point where I was going to ask Harry out myself because I felt like it was a good enough time for a proper date. But I didn't know if he felt the same way. I didn't want to push him away and then it all go back to being awkward again. Our sort of relationship has been rocky and awkward from the start, I didn't need it to go back to that. I sighed, now that my mind was no longer focused, I couldn't refocus. All I could think about was Harry and I. It was the most frustrating thing ever.
“Are you okay?” I looked up and noticed I had thrown my pencil down in frustration and closed my eyes. 
“Yeah, I'm all good. I'm just frustrated is all.” 
“Why…?” I didn't answer right away, trying to find the courage to say what was on my mind but I didn't think it was there. I wasn't one to start a conversation like this, or even suggest it. I was always the one who got asked out after some mindless flirting and it just went on from there. But I never actually had a relationship start like this and it bugged me out. 
“Okay…” I said, taking a deep breath. “I've just been thinking…it's been a month now and this is all we do. We don't really try to get to know each other, all we do is sit in silence and do homework together and maybe talk on our way back to my dorm…but that's it. I know we said we would start slow but I still feel like I barely know you and it makes it hard to come to an actual decision if this would be a good idea or not, or if it was worth the risk. I'm sorry if that sounds really bad, I'm just normally not the type of person to start this kind of conversation…” 
“No I agree.” 
“Excuse me?” I said, kind of shocked. 
“I agree. It is hard to get to know you this way. Yeah, I love spending this time with you but you're right. We barely talk, it's more of just sitting in silence and we can't get to know each other that way. I didn't know how to bring that up myself so…I kind of just didn't bring it up at all.” Harry said slowly. 
“So what should we do? Keep it like this or…?” I slowly stopped myself, scared to keep going. 
“I still like you Bethany. That hasn't changed. And I know we said we would take it slow but again, you're right. I like you because you understand the whole being used for your name and I know minor things about you beyond that and it makes it hard to see if we really are going to work out. I think…can I take you out? This Friday?” 
“We both have a scrimmage that day.” I pointed out. 
“Okay, so after. It's not like we have class the next day. Instead of going to the after party, why don't just me and you go out on like a real date and see how it goes, and take it from there.” I smiled slowly and nodded. 
“I really like the sound of that.” Harry started to smile and nodded. 
“Really? You're ready?” 
“Yeah, I definitely am. We've already figured out we can be just friends so…I think it's time.” 
“Okay, so I'll pick you up at your dorm then after the scrimmages?” 
“Yeah that sounds perfect.” I said, smiling even more. I didn't realize how much I really wanted to hear him ask me on a date until now, but I really did want it. 
“Okay…Friday then.” Harry said. And with that, we went back to our work, finished within the hour, and he walked me back to my dorm like usual. 
“Welcome back. How was homework time with Harry?” 
“He asked me out on a date…” I said, smiling still. 
“Oh my god! It's about damn time!” Megan screamed, hugging me. “Are you excited?” 
“Yeah…I didn't realize how bad I wanted him to ask me out until he did but…I'm so excited. We go out on Friday.” 
“What are you guys doing?” 
“I don't know yet. I guess it's a surprise.” 
“Well fuck yeah! This makes me happy.” I laughed as I changed into my pajamas. 
“Okay well…goodnight.” 
“Night girl!” 

“Hey, how's Bethany?” Niall asked when I walked into my dorm room. This was probably the first time in weeks Louis and Liam weren't here. 
“She's good…” I said slowly, beginning to smile. 
“Okay, what's with the smile?” Niall questioned. 
“We're going out on a date…on Friday.” 
“It's about damn time man! I was about to ask her out for you!” 
“Fuck you.” I said, laughing. 
“So what are you guys going to do?” 
“I'm not sure. I definitely want to get off campus and since I have my car this year, it's possible. But I have a couple days to figure it out. I want it to be perfect.” 
“Don't make it too perfect man. She's going to have high expectations for the second date if this one goes well.” 
“Oh stop. I'll figure it out.” Niall rolled his eyes as I hopped into bed. 
“Yeah whatever. Going to bed so soon?” 
“Yeah…I definitely need the sleep after today's practice.” 
“Yeah so true. Well, goodnight.” We turned out lamps out and I was asleep within minutes. 

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