First and Ten

An MSU legend returns back to his old college with his daughter to help the star MSU quarterback; Harry Styles, step up his game now.

When Harry and the legends daughter hit it off, will they be able to handle the pressure of the press and reality or will they crash and burn, destroying themselves and each other, and even their futures?


15. Chapter 15

“There she is!” Roxie yelled as I walked through the door with Darren to the party. 
“Hey!” Harry and Roxie walked up to us, drinks in Roxie's hand. 
“Hey designated watched.” Harry said to Darren. Darren looked part nervous, part excited. This was new to him and he was only doing this for me. 
“Uh hey.” Darren said nervously. I took the drink from Roxie and wandered off, leaving Darren with Harry. 
“So how do you think Darren is gonna do here?” I giggled and looked back over my shoulder. 
“I think him and Harry will be just fine. Plus Darren needs a break from all that pre med crap.” 
“I don't know who the hell has time for that shit. That's way too much effort being out into being a student. You have to live life up at college girl!” Roxie said, holding her drink above her head and screaming, everyone following her lead. I giggled and wandered off to the beer pong table with her. 
“Okay…hold her up…” I heard Harry say later that evening.” 
“What time is it?” I mumbled. 
“Late, and you're very drunk.” Darren said. 
“You both stayed and watched over me?” I giggled. 
“Yeah, Jeremy stayed away.” Darren said. 
“I'm gonna kill him one day.” I giggled again. 
“Okay there's that super great drunk talk.” Harry said. 
“Where are we going?” 
“We're bringing you back to your dorm.” Darren said. 
“Oh I love you guys.” 
“We love you too.” Harry said as we reached my dorm. Megan let us in and helped them get me into my bed where I'm pretty sure I passed out right away. 
For the next couple weeks, I spent my meal times with Darren, practices and after scrimmage game celebrations with my girls, and library or study time with Harry. I occasionally went to a party but not very often. I was keeping my distance from Jeremy because I felt like everywhere I went he was there, watching me. It made me really uncomfortable. 
“So how are you? Did you have a nice study date with Harry?” Megan asked, smirking one night once I got back to our dorm. 
“Oh shut up. What's that supposed to mean?” I said, blushing. 
“Oh you know what I mean! You guys are in like that pre dating stage! It totally doesn't help that your dad is still here on campus since it's still preseason or whatever but…still! You guys spend like every other day together on your study dates.” Megan said, winking at me. 
“They aren't dates! They are us spending time at the same table while we do our own work.” 
“Oh same difference. When are you gonna make a move?” 
“So I'm the one who has to make the move?” I asked, flopping onto my bed. 
“We all know Harry won't! I mean he definitely would've by now.”
“Did you ever think it's because I'm girl one in a few years?” 
“Like he's lost his touch? Oh please. Harry Styles doesn't lose his charm. He can look at a girl and make her go weak. Shit, if it wasn't for you and him, I'd be after him.” Megan said, flying onto bed next to me. 
“Stop that! Right now we're just getting to know each other. That's all, nothing weird.” 
“How do you get to know someone when all you do is sit in a library and do homework? Like you realize that's just a ton of silence.” Megan pointed out. 
“Okay so just because you have a point, I still learn a lot about him just from that.” 
“Like what? Enlighten me.” 
“He pulls on his hair when he's frustrated, he makes fists when he's really confused, his eyes sparkle when he finally understands something…” 
“Okay you're pointing out, yes important things, but things based off him doing homework. What about things in public? Like how he looks at you, treats you, talks to you?” 
“Talks to me? Treats me? Seriously? This is still pretty new.” 
“It's been like a month or so now. I think it's time.” Megan said. 
“I think it's time you butt out!” I said, shoving her off my bed.” Megan laughed and got into her own bed. 
“Okay, fine. I'll drop it…for now.” I rolled my eyes and laughed as we turned out lights off and fell asleep. 

“So what's going on with you and Bethany?” Darren asked me one night. We ran into each other in the library that night; the one night I wasn't gonna be here with Bethany. 
“Why are you asking?” 
“I mean, she hasn't said too much about you besides you guys do homework together.” 
“Yeah that's about all we do.” I said. 
“Why don't you take her out on an actual date?” Darren suggested. 
“Isn't it too soon?” 
“Hasn't it been a month or so of just staring at books in the same room plus a party here and there? I think it's an acceptable time.” I started laughing and shaking my head. “What's so funny?” Darren asked. 
“The fact that Bethany's best friend is more willing to have a conversation like this than my own friends are.” 
“Is that pushing a boundary? I didn't mean to do so if I did.” 
“No, it isn't. I'm just not one to…” 
“No I get it. I'm the quiet one.” 
“But you caught Bethany's eye so you can't be all bad.” Darren just shrugged, not sure how to take that. “Hey, don't take that bad. I'm just awful with words. It was meant to be me saying she picks good friends.” I said, trying to save my conversation. 
“Hey, I get it. I know I don't typically hang out with your group but yeah I am friends with Bethany. And if she likes you, I'm going to support her. I just want to make sure you actually like her back and aren't going to hurt her. I'll see you around.” Darren said, picking up his books and walking out. 
I thought about what Darren had said as I slowly gathered my things as well. I mean, it has been about a month, maybe a week or so more; why not ask her out…

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