Harry Potter One Shots


5. The Unwritten Rules of Sirius Black and Remus Lupin (Wolfstar)

A/N- TIME FOR SOME SLASH, MY DEAR READERS :3 No sexual content, but some kissing. Marauder's Era. Wolfstar. Don't like, don;t read. P.S- I pulled this together just now. It's almost midnight.



“No! I’m not taking any more of your constant need to be the boss of everything! This is my life, and I, for one, am not going to let you ruin it!”

“Yes, I understand, but it involves me. I don't want to pull any more pranks!”

“Moony, it’s our seventh year. Have some fun for a change!”

“I do have fun!”

“Do not!”

The two had practically forgotten what the argument was about. By now, as they did quite often, had resorted to childish bickering that led to nowhere. But that was to be expected, seeing as it was Sirius and Remus. They were the closest of friends, or perhaps, the closest of enemies. There wasn’t a day in which the two didn’t argue, and yet, they stayed impossibly close. They were either laughing or yelling. That was just the way it went. They were polar opposites; Remus being a good boy, Sirius being the good boy with a crazy side. Opposites may attract, but not without a few arguments.

Their childish fighting continued, only this time, Remus could feel anger bubbling inside of him.

This, unlike their bickering, was highly unusual. Although their rows could certainly get heated, it was rarely about anything serious. And it never, ever, got to the point of someone exploding at the other. Sirius and Remus' interactions were almost programmed, as if they had their own sets of rules. They may not have been written, but they were known. And rule number one was most certainly that real, true anger was not to be involved.

The fury simmered beneath Remus' skin and coursed through his veins. He usually kept these feelings inside, kept them hidden away, but this was not usually. This was now. And in some unspoken way, the rules had been altered.

He could feel himself letting it out, yelling every single thing he had not dared to say out of his mouth. He didn't notice the pained expression that lay on his best friend's face.

"Sirius Black," he yelled, his breathing jagged, "I hate you."

And then, it was Sirius' turn to break the rules.

He pressed his lips against Remus', using his callused hands to cup the werewolf's cheek. And much to Remus' surprise, he felt himself giving into it, stepping closer to the man that infuriated him so greatly, and wrapping his arms around the other's waist. They fit together like pieces to a puzzle.

The rules, as so many things, were broken. And as the two pulled away, Sirius' expression raw with emotion that was usually kept so expertly hidden, and Remus' rare true smile shining through, they realized that they had been lying, both to each other and to themselves. It was confusing and strange and foreign and it was exactly what each had been looking for. Sirius got his adrenaline. Remus got his non-prank adventure.

"How could I have denied it?" Sirus muttered, voice gruff. Remus stared at him.

"Remus Lupin," he whispered, walking over to the man he so vehemently loved and hated and adored and needed, "you are something that I cannot understand. I cannot understand how you can make me so freaking angry and yet still attract me."

Remus grinned at the man with the short black hair.

"I hate you, Sirius Black," Remus said, "and that's only one step away from love."

And when they kissed again, there were no rules, only the fire and ice and passion that raged between them, drawing them closer, connecting them. They were one, the trickster and the peace maker, the wolf and the dog, the good and the good with a crazy side.

They had destroyed and conquered the unwritten rules of Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.

They were unfettered, unbound, and unchained. They were free.



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