Harry Potter One Shots


10. Silent Beauty

~~Sirius Black watched her walk down the hallway, her piercing blue eyes cast downwards and her long hair shielding her pale face from view.

She was small enough that she could slip through the throngs of people without being noticed. In fact, as she walked off to her next class, it was as if no one even realized that she was there.

Sirius Black did.

He gazed at her, his eyes following her every step. Something about her, something about the way she moved, was special. Was different. It was almost as if she glided, as if she were always dancing, yet no one so much as glanced in her direction.

Sirius Black did.

She was fascinating.


He watched her run through the rain and into the covered hallway, chocolate colored hair dotted with tiny rain droplets.

When she looked up, her cheeks were a rosy red and her lips were full and pink. Her eyes were midnight blue, deep and glowing and mysterious, and her eyelashes were long and dark.

She was gorgeous.

She was broken.

Sirius Black could tell, even though he had never heard her speak. Perhaps what gave her away were her eyes; so big and sparkling, yet something other than love and wonder shined within them.

Or perhaps it was her smile, which was so rare.

Sirius Black had only seen her smile once, and it was during the first snow of the season. While everyone else hurried inside to escape the biting chill, she stood in the courtyard, letting tiny flurries cover her hair and robes, the yellow sun illuminating the wide grin that was spread across her lips. She looked alive.

He saw the girl she must have been at one time.

It was, perhaps, the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

​Her teeth were a glowing white, her eyes crinkled at the corners, and her cheeks and nose were pink from the chill. Out if all the times Sirius Black had watched her, he had never seen her so happy. He had never before witnessed a smile so impossibly contagious and lovely and heartfelt.

No one else seemed to have see the glorious sight of the girl in second hand robes, smiling as no had ever smiled before.

Sirius Black did.


He sat in his dormitory, thinking, mostly about the girl with the cheap robes and long hair and exhileratimg smile, with eyes too dark and blue to possibly be real. Everything about her was different. Everything about her was strange. She was exotic and intoxicating.

She was the type of person few people cared about.

Sirius Black did.


The next day, she wasn't in the hall.

He tried to find her, his night sky colored eyes darting through the masses of students that surrounded him.

Yet the impossible girl was nowhere to be seen.


She wasn't there the day after, either.


The blue eyed, long haired girl was gone. Never again did Sirius Black watch her glide through the hallway or smile when it snowed, or let the rain drops rest in her hair and her eyelashes.

He got over his fascination with her, eventually.

But he would never forget the silent beauty that seemed to radiate off of her.

Because when she thought that no one could see the pain, Sirius Black did.

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