Just an ordinary girl.

To be an "ordinary" Working class Girl, isn't always an easy thing. Life Can be hard Specialy when all You have left is you'r 2 Best friends. But a incidently meeting, change everything In her life. But not only In a positive way..


4. 4

Close your eyes, we’re almost there!” Niall says as he helps you out of the car and covers your eyes so you couldn’t see where you were. It was already half past seven and you still had no idea where you could be at this time of the day. “You’re still wearing clothes right?” you say with a little laugh at the end of the sentence but still a bit unsure, “Yeah I am, unless you want me to take them off” Niall says with a laugh. “Nah I’m fine for now” you respond back, “Ok we are here” Niall says as he removes his hand away from your eyes to a beautiful set up on the beach “Oh Niall its beautiful! How did you even get this set up before we got here?” “Well I got the guys to help with it, they’re up there” Niall says as he points to Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn sitting on top of a large rock further down the beach.

“So they are kind of our babysitters” you say with a smile. “Oh you can say that, they just want the best for me” Niall says as he looks deeply into your eyes, “Do you think that I might be best for you?” you ask as you sit down next to Niall on the blanket. “Yeah I do, I knew this from the first time I laid my eyes on you” Niall says as he looks down at his hands. It was quiet for a moment until you heard someone yelling at the two of you, you look over to the boys and realise it was Louis yelling as loud as possible. “Why is he yelling battle scars?” you say as you turn to Niall, “Oh no, we have to go” Niall says as he jumps up and pulls you with him to run to the other side of the beach back to his car. “Where are we going? What does battle scars meant to mean?” You ask with concern, “I will tell you everything when we get back to my place, I promise” Niall responded back. You and Niall got into his car and drove back to his place.

You and Niall jump out of the car and run inside his apartment. “Are you even going to tell me what’s going on?” You sternly asked. “Ok well, battle scars means that there were paparazzi nearby” Niall answered back. “And you didn’t want people to know about me?” You ask as you look down at the ground. Niall steps towards you as he places his hands onto your waist; you slowly look up to meet his gaze. “I do want people to know, it’s just…” Niall starts to say softly “It’s just I want to keep you out of the lime light for as long as possible, or just until you’re ready for the fans and paparazzi to start following you around” You stroke your hand across his cheek as you say “You are so sweet and I am ready, with you I will always be ready”

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