Just an ordinary girl.

To be an "ordinary" Working class Girl, isn't always an easy thing. Life Can be hard Specialy when all You have left is you'r 2 Best friends. But a incidently meeting, change everything In her life. But not only In a positive way..


2. 2

The next day you woke up quite earlier than normal, you looked over to the bed side clock and read 6 o’clock. “Ugh, why 6 o’clock, can’t I sleep in!” you groan to yourself. You finally got back to sleep when you heard a knock at your door; you pulled yourself up out of bed and opened the door, your friends Deanna and Caitlyn push through you to get inside. “Guys it’s 7am what are you two doing here?” you say still half asleep, “We came here to help you get ready for your date with… Niall Horan” Deanna says with excitement when she says his name. “I knew I shouldn’t have told you two yesterday at work, and the date isn’t till 1” “1? We thought you said 2, now we only have 6 hours come on girl let’s get you ready!” Caitlyn says dragging you into the bathroom as Deanna follows with the makeup bag.

Hours past and you were finally ready. “Guys thanks for helping me get ready, but I’m sure you have better things to do now” you say as you walk them to the door. “(Y/N), you’re not getting rid of us that easy, we are waiting till… Niall gets here” Deanna says again with trouble saying his name. “Oh fine, but, just don’t embarrass me!” you say was a stern look on your face, “(Y/N) when was the last time we embarrassed you?” Caitlyn asks. “Umm, yesterday, when you…” You were about to finish your sentence when there was a knock at the door. Deanna ran to answer the door, but Caitlyn grabbed her arm “Let (Y/N) answer it”. You fix your dress and opened the door with Niall waiting on the other side. “Hi Niall” you say with a slight smile, you see Niall checking you out, then noticing your friends standing behind you. “Hi (Y/N), are we bringing your friends as well” Niall says as a joke, “Can we!” Deanna says without even thinking what she is saying. “No!” You say as you turn to your friends, “They were just leaving” You say as you turn back to Niall with a smile on your face.

“Well, shall we?” Niall asks as he holds his arm out for you to hold on to. “Oh you are such a gentleman” You say with a smile as you look up to see Niall smiling back at you. Niall walks you to his car and opens the door for you and waits for you to get in before closing the door. Niall Hops into the driver’s seat and starts to drive down the road, “So what’s you plan for us today?” You ask curiously. “Well first I was thinking on going for a picnic in the park, and after that will be a surprise” “Oh a surprise, I love surprises!” You say with excitement as Niall lets out a little laugh, “You are so cute” Niall says as you start to feel you cheeks start to burn from blushing.

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