Just an ordinary girl.

To be an "ordinary" Working class Girl, isn't always an easy thing. Life Can be hard Specialy when all You have left is you'r 2 Best friends. But a incidently meeting, change everything In her life. But not only In a positive way..


1. 1

It was a normal day at work until Niall Horan from one direction walked into the restaurant. “Hi welcome to Nando’s, what would you like today?” you ask as Niall walks over to you. He checks out the menu and proudly says “You” he sees the stunned look on your face and realised what he just said. “Wait s-sorry, I didn’t mean to say that” Niall says nervously and runs out the door, you noticed he left his phone on the bench, you pick it up as you realise Niall came back in to get his phone. “Here’s your phone” you say as you hand Niall his phone back to him without breaking eye contact. “Well I kind of left my phone here on purpose so I can come back to ask you for your number” Niall says as he looks down to the ground not sure what you’re going to say, “Sure, and by the way, I’m (Y/N)” you say as you write your number down on a piece of paper and hand it to him. “Yeah I know I have been in here a few times just to see you, and I’m Niall” Niall says as he slightly starts to blush “Yeah I know who you are” you say as you break eye contact by looking at the ground . “(Y/N) get back to work, there are costumers waiting” your boss yells from his office, “I’ll call you later at 5?” Niall says, “Yep sure thing, I’ll be waiting” Niall finally gives a huge smile and walks out the door.

It came to half past 4 and your shift was finally over, as you drive back to your fairly sized apartment only 10 minutes away you start to think why someone as famous as Niall would pick a small town girl like you. You arrived home and checked your phone over and over again waiting for the time to change to 5. You end up trying to do anything you could do to keep your mind of him, but ends up not working. You’re sitting on your couch leaning towards your coffee table where your phone laid, when all of a sudden your phone flashes of an incoming call coming though, you jump of the couch and start pacing around the room feeling your heart beat get faster and faster by the second. “(Y/N), answer the phone now” you say to push yourself into answering the call “Hello?” as you start to bite your nails from being soner nervous “(Y/N) hello, first I thought you weren’t going to answer” “Oh no I’m sorry, I just wasn’t sure what I was going to say” you say as you start brushing your hand though your hair. The call ends up going on for about 2 hours, “Um, I was uh, wondering if you would like to go out with me some time?” Niall asks feeling worried you might say no. “I would love to Niall” you could feel the smile spreading across Niall’s face, you gave him details to your apartment and Niall told you he would pick you up at 1 o’clock the next day.

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