The Other Side

Lily is a normal teenager with a normal life, but when five new boys come to town and school, her life gets flipped upside down for the better. What will happen if Lily falls in love with one of the boys? Will she suck up the nerves and tell him? Do they even know she exists? Does he like her back?


1. How The Story Starts...

Thursday Morning


"Hurry up! We are going to be late for school and you know Ms. Shields will shout at us if we are late... Again!" Shouted Cara from outside. Cara is my best friend. She's always been there for me, even when I didn't want her to be. I bet you're probably thinking, omg she's so corny. But, it's true... She's such a great friend. The thing I'm not too keen on is the fact that she can be so impatient sometimes. Seriously!

But, hey, I'm not here to tell you about her. This is my life...

My name is Lily Rose Clarkson, but you can just call me Lily Rose. I am 18 years old and am going to be turning 19 next week. I am kinda excited, but not really. I'm not excited about whether I'll get a new guitar or a new pair of shoes or exclusive shopping discounts, I care more about what responsibilities I'm going to have to take when I turn 19. Pretty soon, I'll practically be an adult and that scares me. But, hey, I'm going to school for the last few months, so I still feel like a kid at heart.

I'm so sappy sometimes... What is wrong with me?!

Anyway, I shouted back to Cara "I'll be down in a minute!" And quickly grabbed everything I needed and headed out the door. It was quite dull outside so I put on my hoodie. I got in her car and we drove to school.

A Few Minutes Later

We arrived at school and the time was 09:00am which meant school had already started. We got in the school and nobody was in the halls except three middle-aged women sitting at a desk. They told us to come over.

"Hello, I'm Miss. Morrison and I notice that you two girls are late." She said. Now I know why they are here. They are here to get a list of all the late-comers and send a letter to they're parents. "I know, Miss .. Morrison and we are so so sorry." I said. I wasn't really sorry because I don't care. But she made Cara and I sign the sheet thing anyway. She told us that if it happens again then she would send a letter home.

But just when I was about to sign my name... In come running five boys. I've never seen them before. But I have the feeling they aren't new-comers. One of them came running up and shouted to one of the teachers (not knowing he was shouting) "MISS IM SORRY IM LATE.. I FORGOT TO FEED MY FISH!!" He was cute. He had curly, brown hair, a few tattoos on his arms as far as I could see. He was quite tall, but not too tall if that makes sense. He was really cute. "Oh shut up Jai! We know you don't have a fish! Or any pets for that matter!" His names Jai ... Nice! Then, a guy who looked older came running over. "And how would you know if we got a fish yesterday?" He said. He had longer hair and it was straight, he was cute too. A guy who looked exactly like Jai came over to watch.

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