You Again?

She was my best friend. But the day I left to audition for the X Factor I said some harsh things to her due to the stress. I didn't know that when she ran away from me she became friends with one of my future band mates. Now four years later, I meet the 'Emily' Niall always talked about. But I didn't know it was MY Emily. The one I've been in love with since age five.


1. You Again?

Emily~ light brown wavy/curly, bright blue-green eyes. She's 5'5 and 21 years old.

(June 21st 2014)

Niall's POV

I paced around the room waiting for the clock to go to 1:20 so I can leave to the airport. My best friend Emily who I met 4 years ago was flying from Bradford to London. She was moving her and the flat she bought was only 10 minutes away from mine.

"Mate stop pacing." Liam chuckled and I sighed.

"I can't! I'm to excited!" I exclaimed and Harry laughed.

"Is she going on the rest of the tour with us?" Zayn asked

"Yeah after she gets settled in her flat." I said

"What does she look like?" Louis asked

"Scale of 1-10?" Harry asked and I rolled my eyes.

"What I want to know!" Harry cried and I laughed.

"She's gorgeous. You guys will love her." I told them and the clock changed to 1:20. "Come on!"

~at the airport~

I ran through the airport jumping up and down from excitement. If people saw me they'd think I was waiting for my girlfriend. Of course I love Emily. I just think like that. The boys stood behind me waiting patiently keeping their heads down so no one will notice us. I noticed her from a far a smile spreading across my face.

"Emily!" I yelled pushing past the crowd. As soon as her eyes landed on me she ran towards me, leaving her bags behind.

"Niall!" She cheered throwing her self in my arms. I spun her around in the hug making her laugh.

"I've missed you!" We both said at the same time causing us to laugh together. The boys came to us and Emily's eyes widened. At first I thought it was because she was meeting my band mates but then I noticed her starring at Zayn. Her eyes filled with hurt just at the sight of him.

When Zayn looked up from his phone his eyes widened at the sight of Emily. His eyes were filled with guilt and they looked like they were pleading for forgiveness.

"E-Emily?" Zayn croaked out his voice shaky. I looked between them confused about him knowing her.

"Hi." She whispered

In a matter of seconds Zayn had Emily crushed in a hug. Emily was tensed up at first but seemed to give into the hug.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Zayn kept mumbling

"Wait." Harry said confused

"You know each other?" I asked. Liam and Louis exchanged confused looks. Harry starred at them in confusion and Emily pulled away from Zayn's embrace.


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