He Loves Me

A love story about Beau and Daniel this isn't your normal love story then again life itself is not normal.


4. Weeks

After a few weeks I stopped talking to him and being around me. I had gone into a downward spiral. Everything was going so good I was so happy then boom all of a sudden everything was gone. It took a while to accept it. I looked at everything from a different point of view. All the light in the world had been slowly going out. I stopped eating and sleeping. I would eat but very little and sleep for about an hour. Then one day everything was dark and grey. The lights were getting very bright and scary. They would be super bright. I mean they had always been this way be I never noticed. Until then. Then one night I just stopped eating all together and stopped sleeping. At 4 AM on September 24 Daniel had walked into my room. He was carrying a try with some orange juice and a sandwich. He also had a teddy bear and a blanket. He put the try on my lap. He looked into my eyes. I turned my head and looked in the mirror I looked dead. I was pale white and had dark bags under my eyes. He began talking saying "Beau I love you. Please eat you need some food in you. Please eat from me." When I was about to eat I couldn't see or hear. Everything was gone in an instant. Everything was dark. When I came to for a bit I heard the sobs of my brother and mother. The whaling of the ambulance and the screams of the man and woman in the ambulance with us. Jai quickly explained that Luke had Daniel and James in the car behind us. I blacked out again.

When I got to the hospital I was walking around and asking people if they knew where my room was and nobody responded. Then I heard the most shooting voice in the world. Daniel was talking to me I turned around expecting to see him when there was nobody. I followed the voice. It lead me to my room where there was a body laying a bed. The body was a person and the person had a name. His name was Beau Peter Brooks. I almost began crying. I couldn't even recognize myself. He looked at my body. It wasn't even me. He was saying that everyone was gone the had gone to eat. He also was saying someone was saying I should wake up in a matter of hours. Then I would eat and most likely pass out again. Then in the next 5 minutes I was awake and eating a salad (which is pretty big deal for someone who hasn't eaten anything bigger than a 5cm diameter circle. He looked at me and we talked for a while until I blacked out again. We said that we loved each other and all this other crap. The doctor said it could be weeks before I woke up so I would be fed through a tube thingy. I was like scared. They were saying there is a slim chance of survival.

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