He Loves Me

A love story about Beau and Daniel this isn't your normal love story then again life itself is not normal.


10. That Night

It was Thanksgiving weekend, Daniel and I had rented and apartment together. He would always go out to see the scenery and get little things to take back with us. He would come home at 4 and be happy. This on particular weekend he came home and he was mad and sad. He looked out of it and dead. I called his name a fee times. He never looked back he dragged a chair to his room. I knew what he was going to do. I threw down my soda and got off the couch and ran to his room. When I was close to his room the door shut and locked. I began hitting against the door and hitting repeatedly. I hit the door with my shoulder and it broke down. He had the rope around his neck and he kicked the chair from under his feet. I grabbed his legs and lifted him up. I told his to untie the rope. He was screaming to let him go. Luckily that evening Jai came to my apartment. I was screaming at Jai to help. He was in shock. He grabbed a knife and cut Daniel down.

Jai began screaming at Daniel says everything he could think of. Daniel was to busy smiling like he did the night that he was picking at his scars. It really scared me. I had never been so scared in my entire life. That was just the beginning of what we thought was the end. 

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