He Loves Me

A love story about Beau and Daniel this isn't your normal love story then again life itself is not normal.


6. Sad Man

Then one day everything was gone. Nurses came running into my room and doctors too. Daniel was forced to leave the room. Shock after shock. My mom was called and so was my family. Then I saw Daniel and he was in tears picking at his scars. I had to wake up and I did. I scream "DANIEL STOP!" The doctors looked at me and Daniel came rushing in. Nurses were holding him back but he pushed through them. He put his hands on my face and kissed me and I kissed him back. The doctors and nurses looked away. Daniel pushed me away and the doctors walked out they began talking to my mom who just arrived. My mom ran in and was crying. Daniel was by my side holding my hand and playing with my fingers. My mom was talking to me when Daniel said something. "Ms.Brooks I love your son." She just smiled and I said "Daniel I love you too." My mom got up and walked out. The bed was really big and I moved over and he crawled in. He looked at he and he put his head on my chest and laid in my arms.

I starred at him till about 2 in the morning. The light was dim but he was finally asleep. He looked happy and peaceful. His hand fit into mine perfectly. His was so perfect. His face was in my neck. So I put my face into his neck and began kissing it. I began kissing by his eye then his cheek then by his lip then on his lips. His eyes fluttered open and he looked at me. He kissed my lip and bit it. He put his head back in my neck and went back to sleep. He whispered, "you may continue to kiss me." Then he took off his sweater. I saw his scars again. He had his hands on me. I grabbed his wrists and began kissing them. His eyes shot open. The looked at me. I grabbed his other wrist and began kissing it. This brought me to tears. I kissed him and he looked shocked.

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